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Restrictions on Vessels' Nitrogen Oxide Emissions Effective in 2016, But Only in Certain Areas

The International Maritime Organization's Marine Environment Protection Committee has reached agreement on the entry into force date of new, stricter requirements for ships' emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx) in emission control area.

At the last session of the committee, uncertainty arose about the entry into force of regulations on ships’ NOx emissions. A number of countries, headed by Russia, questioned the technical possibilities of implementing the regulations and, consequently, obtained support for postponing the entry into force until 1 January 2021. Since then, Denmark has been in close cooperation with a number of other countries, including the United States and Japan, in order to retain 2016 as the entry into force year.

The efforts made had a great impact on the result of the negotiations. The year 2016 will be retained for the emission control areas already designated, while the entry into force date of new control areas will depend on when they are decided upon.

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