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Retailers Can Celebrate What Pinterest Is Doing to Improve Their Sales

A new study of Pinterest users by market research firm Lab42 finds that 54 percent spend more time on the site during the holidays and 94 percent say it has changed the way they make their holiday preparations. And people are turning to Pinterest to share ideas—42 percent have a holiday-themed board.

That Pinning activity is translating into revenue for brands. Piquora, which helps retailers run Pinterest campaigns, says revenue driven from the site to retailers' sites doubled over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. In a recent study Piquora did of 1,000 brands finds an average pin generates 78 cents in sales and drives two visits to company websites.

Bottom line: Pinterest activity is proving incredibly valuable in driving purchases—which means a gold mine for retailers if they can figure out how to leverage that conversation. And it's a potential gold mine for Pinterest if the start-up can figure out how to effectively charge retailers.

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