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Retailers Not Using RFID Should Be 'Scared' of Failure

The acceleration of global RFID adoption by the biggest retailers should be a lesson to those still lagging in its adoption, experts told attendees at the recent "Big Show," the National Retail Federation's 103nd Annual Convention & EXPO.

Retailers Not Using RFID Should Be 'Scared' of Failure

"Of the top 30 retailers in the U.S., two out of three have something going on with RFID," says Bill Hardgrave, dean of the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University and the founder of the RFID Research Center. "If you're not doing it now, you're already behind, and if that doesn't scare you, it should. To succeed in the retail and apparel industry, you've got to solve the fundamentals first, which means inventory accuracy, and then you can focus on enhancing the customer experience. If you haven't started addressing the fundamentals, you are behind."

Pam Sweeney, Macy's senior vice president of logistics, systems and technology, says, "RFID is about sales growth and improving customer experience. We're moving forward with additional categories and penetration into existing categories. The greater the penetration of RFID throughout the supply chain, the greater the benefits we see. I encourage more retailers to get on board."

Francisco Melo, vice president of global RFID at Avery Dennison RBIS, says, "We're seeing a significant number of retailers piloting and adopting RFID around the world," says Melo. "This is due to the return on investment RFID delivers, its ability to significantly improve inventory accuracy and the simplification of implementation."

Source: Avery Dennison RBIS

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