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RFID Aids Smaller Retailers in Norway to Effectively Manage Their Inventory

More than 40 stores throughout Norway are using a new radio frequency identification system provided by Norwegian systems integrator Front Systems to manage inventory data automatically, at an affordable price.

Front Systems is supplying the RFID solution to fashion boutiques and other small retailers, to help them reduce the amount of manual labor previous required to conduct inventory counts and ensure that goods are available when customers want them. Three early adopters that deployed the solution last year are Tara - Espen Dronsett, Follestad and H°yer. As of this month, several more companies have begun installations, with a total of 41 stores currently using the RFID technology. Since developing the RFID solution in 2012, Front Systems has been doubling its revenue annually, according to Steffen L°psmark, the company's business developer.

Front Systems was launched in 2009 as a point-of-sale (POS) software provider for small to mid-sized businesses, L°psmark says, but as early as 2010, the company began focusing on EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID technology, after observing an RFID solution in use at a customer's retail locations.

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