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Rick Blasgen Looks Forward and Back as CSCMP Celebrates 50 Years

Rick Blasgen, president and CEO of CSCMP, reflects on the organization's accomplishments over its 50-year history and shares his vision going forward for the industry and its practitioners.

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professional celebrated its 50th anniversary at the CSCMP annual conference in October 2013. In those 50 years supply chain management - originally called physical distribution management - has made great strides, says Blasgen. "The supply chain and logistics professions are now at the core of progressive companies," he says. "They no longer are considered costs to be controlled but revenue generating, viable parts of the business."

As supply chain management increasingly is viewed as a core competence, corporate leaders are drawing on the expertise of professionals in the discipline to connect markets around the world and to connect customers with manufacturing, he says. "And we are seeing the results. Logistics costs as a percentage of GDP continue to go down and supply chain managers are at the forefront of helping companies increase market share and grow their business."

Looking ahead, Blasgen predicts that technology and innovation will continue to drive supply chain improvements. He also envisions major changes in energy, with natural gas and other energy sources playing important roles in equipment advances.

The most important issue, however, is talent, Blasgen says. "We are going to need more labor and more management talent. This is a terrific career for young people and there are terrific opportunities for those currently in the profession to take it to a new level."

CSCMP will continue to deliver content and education to advance the competencies and careers of logistics and supply chain professionals around the world, Blasgen says.

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