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SC-integrity Partners With Locus Traxx on Cargo Security

SC-Integrity Inc., also known as Lojack SCI, is partnering with Locus Traxx Worldwide to provide customers with technology for enhancing supply-chain and cargo security.

The two companies plan to release a series of bundled tracking and information applications based on the Locus SmartTraxx Go tracking technology. The collaboration will draw on LoJack’s SCI SC-iOn and Locus Traxx’s Oversight Web portals to provide a broad range of security and integrity services. Locus Traxx will provide information through the Supply Chain Information Sharing and Analysis Center, which is sponsored by LoJack SCI. Participants can obtain an enhanced view of risk and efficiency opportunities in the food, produce and cold-chain markets, the companies said. Locus Traxx offers real-time temperature, location and security monitoring for perishable and high-value shipments in transit. LoJack SCI’s services including supply-chain intelligence and analytics, covert cargo tracking, monitoring and recovery.

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