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Schneider Opens New Interchange in Mexico Intermodal Service

Schneider National Inc. has opened a new steel-wheel interchange in Jackson, Miss., as part of its Mexico Direct intermodal service.

Schneider Opens New Interchange in Mexico Intermodal Service

The new location is servicing cross-border intermodal loads, which travel between Chicago and Jackson on the Canadian National Railway, and between Jackson and Mexico on the Kansas City Southern Railway. Previously, said Schneider, a Mexico Direct shipment would interchange in Houston. From there, it traveled 55 miles by truck to a congested area to reach the ramp that would initiate the next leg of the journey. “The new interchange in Jackson eliminates all that,” said Jim Filter, Schneider’s senior vice president of intermodal commercial management. “The load stays on the train and keeps moving, which saves customers at least one full day of transit time.” In addition to its operations based in Mexico City, Schneider operates at four ramps in Laredo, Monterrey, San Luis Potosi and Toluca. It moves 450 loads per day in cross-border service, the company said.

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