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Skechers Upgrades European Distribution Center, Prepares for Future Expansion

Skechers USA Inc., a global footwear company based in the United States, says a major investment and technology upgrade to its European distribution centre in Milmort, Belgium, will improve performance and prepare the facility for future expansion plans.

The centrepiece of this upgrade is an automated order-picking system that will more efficiently manage the company’s business. This investment will consolidate positions at the EDC and the employment in the area of Liège, as Skechers is one of the main logistical sector employers in the region.

The Skechers EDC was inaugurated in 2002 over a surface area of 21,000 square meters. At the time, it employed only three people and a number of temporary workers, depending on the periods of peak and off-peak activity. The continued growth of Skechers on the European market resulted in an extension of the building in 2009 with 23,000 square meters of additional space. In 2013, the volumes of goods have been four times higher than in 2002 and the employment increased up to 150 full-time equivalents.

The Skechers EDC receives goods coming from China via the port of Antwerp. The goods are then stored at the EDC until they are redistributed to European markets. The customers of the EDC are local distributors, Skechers stores (of which there are 29 in Europe) and specialised chains that choose to receive their deliveries either at their own regional distribution centres or directly at individual stores.

Source: Skechers USA

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