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SmartDrive Systems Adds Coaching, Scoring to Safety Program

SmartDrive Systems has added Custom Coaching and Scoring services to its safety program.

Truck fleets can utilize the vendor’s best-practices program designed for their industry segments, tailored to specific operating environments and vehicle types. Then they can avail themselves of SmartDrive’s safety experts, with instruction customized to unique business requirements. The expansion builds on SmartDrive’s open platform. The program captures before-and-after video when a safety incident occurs, after which experts review footage, note unsafe driving practices and prioritize for coaching based on the calculated risk score. The score for specific risk areas can be weighted higher or lower based on a customer’s safety procedures. Coaching priority can also be set according to a number of policy criteria, such as zero tolerance, watch list, or other priorities. Dedicated Customer Success managers, who are experts in various industry verticals, partner with customers to determine appropriate adjustments based on their business and safety goals.

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