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Spain Seeks to Become Integral Logistics Platform

Spain aims to become the major logistics platform for southern Europe and northern Africa, serving the global east-west trade routes, as well as the emerging north-south, according to Rafael Catala, Spanish Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing.

To achieve this goal, Spain can offer "its geostrategic position and its credentials in infrastructure and transportation systems," said Catala. He also said that Spain has the largest motorway network in Europe and the world's “fifth-best” rail infrastructure, as well as the second most extended high-speed network in the world and a port system characterized by its excellent management and results.

According to the Ministry of Development, turning Spain into "an international logistics platform of the highest order” will require an investment of around 80bn Euro.

The project could be completed by 2024, providing the Iberian country with "the most favourable conditions, both infrastructural (integrated and intelligent) and regulatory, to allow the market to function in the most efficient way possible," assured Catala.

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