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‘Streamlining Global Trade’ - Global Supply Chain conference

Palo Alto, CA, July 17, 2014 – (at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP) in association with the Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA) and today announced the upcoming conference  ‘Streamlining Global Trade’ to be held on July 17th at the Pillsbury Law firm in Palo Alto, Ca. The event is sponsored by Global4PL Supply Chain Management  and FedEx.

 President Barack Obama's recent executive order to streamline U.S. import and export documentation is so important to keep American businesses competitive as the U.S. government emerges from the Dark Ages of paper-laden processes. The new International Trade Data System (ITDS), which is expected to go into effect by December 2016 will allow businesses to electronically transmit, through a 'single-window,' the data required by the U.S. government to import or export cargo," according to a White House statement.

A new ‘single window’ mandate established by the WTO and APEC for a standard global system by 2020 finds the U.S. behind such countries as China, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mexico in its implementation and is why the President’s directive is so important to keep American businesses competitive in the global marketplace.

At the event a group of established global supply chain experts, service providers and new logistic technology innovators will discuss how small businesses and larger enterprises with global supply chains will react to this new directive to streamline global trade not only on ‘B2G’  but also ‘B2B’ documentation for compliance and consummation of a global trade transaction. The event will cover the new collaborative Global eCommerce networks and digital technologies that are now transforming the global logistic industry enabling a company and their trade facilitation and trade promotion service provider an online environment that sets a new course for achieving end-to-end shipment visibility, compliance and efficiency.

"More than $4 trillion of goods flows in and out of this country every year. President Obama's recent executive action streamlining the US export/import process will increase competitiveness and profitability for American businesses. This conference will show you how to be part of the transformation of the global logistics industry." (Thomas Shoesmith, Partner, Corporate & Securities, Silicon Valley & Shanghai, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP)

"The global supply chains throughout the world have been largely dominated by large corporations that have the means and resources to function successfully in the global marketplace. The U.S. needs to provide these same tools and capabilities to smaller companies that are now the drivers of innovation, technologies and new jobs so they too can be effective & competitive in foreign markets. Additionally, these new online tools for SMEs will provide them with the capability to bid and subcontract with different global multi-nationals as suppliers thus increasing the bottom lines for both small and large companies alike. This conference addresses the new technologies that companies of all sizes need to adopt to compete efficiently and successfully in the global economy." (Sergio Retamal, President and CEO, Global4PL Supply Chain Management)

"The global economy is now being revolutionized with innovative online methods that are being implemented throughout global supply chains resulting in more cost effective and efficient trade. President Obama's new directive to streamline the global trade logistic process will result in more exports and competitive imports supporting new job creation for businesses of all sizes. This conference will feature leaders and innovators in the logistic sectors of global eCommerce discussing, defining and strategizing how we can put the U.S. on the fast track to set the standards for streamlined global trade everywhere." (Tony Livoti, President, Monterey Bay International Trade Association and

Streamlining global trade is a ‘key’ element to job creation through successful export and import transactions.  This conference will directly address the challenges of how small and large businesses alike can utilize new and emerging online logistic services for effective and competitive global trade as part of the transformation of the global logistic industry. 

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