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SupplyPro Unveils New Inventory-Management Tool

SupplyPro Inc. has introduced SupplyScale, a weight-based inventory-management tool that can be integrated into a new or existing SupplyPro system.

SupplyPro Unveils New Inventory-Management Tool

SupplyScale can handle a variety of inventory types, including bulk commodities such as fasteners and gloves, and high-value items such as cutting tools and parts. It can detect the stocking or dispensing of an item weighing as little as five grams, the company said. SupplyScale’s patented bin-management system, Secure Bin, eliminates the potential for cross-bin contamination, theft and authorized access, the vendor claimed, adding that stocking time is significantly reduced in the process. SupplyScale can accommodate a variety of draw configurations, from two-bin to 24-bin drawers, with depths from three to nine inches. SupplyPro designed the new tool to take advantage of its software application, SupplyPort, which provides automated inventory management and vendor integration, reporting and the ability to adapt to customer workflow and business processes.

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