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Survey Finds Hidden Losses: Unproductive Tasks And The Promise of Automation

Recently Samanage, a vendor that offers an enterprise service management platform, released the results of a survey that looked into the use of technology within organizations and specifically how impactful technology is on organizational productivity.

The survey, fielded to nearly 3,000 U.S. working adults, found that workers spend an average of 520 hours a year — more than one full day's work each week — on repetitive services and tasks that could be easily automated. This includes things like password reset requests, new employee onboarding, contract review and approval, and office supply requests, to name a few.

Samanage calculated that based on the average national hourly wage of $25.39 this translates to businesses losing $13,202.80 a year, per employee, on unproductive tasks. With a U.S. labor force of more than 140 million, this totals a collective loss of $1.8tr annually.

Some other findings of note from the survey:

• Generation X (age 35-54) is the largest group using technology at work. While many may think millennials are using they most tech, they actually aren’t.

• One in four workers thinks their company’s technology and policies hurt their work productivity (25.4 percent). Young millennials are the biggest group to believe that technology and policies at work impede productivity (30.9 percent), with baby boomers coming in second.

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