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Syncron Enhances Inventory-Management Software

Syncron has updated its inventory-management software, which now offers expanded master data-management functionality.

Syncron Enhances Inventory-Management Software

Syncron’s retail investment-management application includes logic for handling data for multiple suppliers, prices and replacement parts. With the enhancements, the item master is now processed before interacting with the retail inventory-management software. The item master adds data from the manufacturer to the dealer files. Dealer files typically do not include all of the information contained in the “golden record” owned by the original equipment manufacturer, Syncron said. Data such as price and supplier information is not customarily sent by the dealer. Now, the OEM can deliver data for multiple suppliers and replacement items. Syncron has also expanded supplier codes, allowing the OEM to better direct dealers when selecting a third-party supplier. Syncron customers using version 13.1 of the software are already benefiting from the enhancements, the vendor said.

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