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TAKE Supply Chain Releases New Version of Collaboration Software

TAKE Supply Chain has released version 7.4 of OneSCM Enterprise, the vendor's software for supply-chain collaboration.

Take Supply Chain Releases New Version of Collaboration Software

Aimed at mid-market companies, the tool is offered through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. The update includes a new user interface to speed up transaction time related to procurement, shipment, demand and forecast collaboration, as well as accounts payable automation. The release also features expanded inbound materials traceability and shipping-window enforcement. The improved tracking, visibility and control of inbound materials are made possible by a new shipping hierarchy tool. Suppliers can create multi-level shipments with ASNs and PTNs within OneSCM. The shipment is approved or rejected in real time, based on established shipping-window tolerances, which can be set to three configurable levels: Accept, Warning and Rejected. For shipments falling within the Accepted and Warning ranges, pre-approved packaging labels are provided for output. Rejected shipments prompt the shipper to contact the buyer directly for real-time resolution. TAKE Supply Chain is a division of TAKE Solutions.

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