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The Continued Push to be 'Green' in Transportation

Investing in ways to become more environmentally friendly is good for business. It makes financial sense and helps to differentiate transport providers in an increasingly crowded market.

The Continued Push to be 'Green' in Transportation

For instance, image conscious retailers looking for an e-commerce delivery partner are more likely to prefer Provider A, who shares their environmental values, than Provider B who has not yet taken steps to minimise environmental impact. This trend directly mirrors consumer behaviour.

According to a recent Eurobarometer survey, 55 percent of consumers say they take time to understand the environmental impact of the products they buy and 77 percent said they would pay a premium for greener goods. Itís inevitable then that this sentiment would follow through to the supply chain and a retailerís transportation providers for e-commerce.

Environmental impact has always been discussed, yet it is only now, with the advancement of iPads, smartphones, white boards and cloud technology that a truly sustainable approach can be achieved.

Adopting transport technology and with innovations in the mobile world, greener credentials are more attainable than ever.

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