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The Countries That Will Shake Up Global Supply Chains in the Coming Year

When it comes to assessing supply-chain risk and opportunity in emerging markets, the landscape never stops changing.

The Countries That Will Shake Up Global Supply Chains in the Coming Year

Today, China is the go-to country for cheap manufacturing. Tomorrow, it’s somewhere in Southeast Asia, or even Latin America. Shifting political, economic, legal, environmental and labor conditions make it tough for businesses to decide the best places for sourcing and selling their products. One key resource is the Security & Supply-Chain Risk Outlook report from the Christian Science Monitor’s Monitor Global Outlook service. It examines dozens of “frontier or emerging” markets, providing detailed reports on local conditions. MGO supply chain specialist Joseph Schatz joins us on this episode to discuss the findings of the 2014-15 report. He identifies the current hotspots where risk is highest, as well as the locations with the high potential for sourcing by global companies. Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.

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Show notes:

MGO’s 2014-15 Security & Supply-Chain Risk Outlook report.

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