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'The Perfect Order': Why It's So Hard to Achieve

Companies today need to cut costs, speed up fulfillment processes and manage growth. All the while providing "the perfect order."

'The Perfect Order': Why It's So Hard to Achieve

It's a tough set of challenges to meet. Scrambling to keep pace with rising customer demands, supply-chain managers are unable to step back, take a breath and review the most basic processes. And there's little room for error. A few bad data entries can result in a late or incorrect order, costing the supplier millions of dollars in product-replacement and expediting fees. On this episode, we talk solutions with two executives from Esker, a provider of document process automation: sales director Dan Reeve, and business development manager Jeremy Deuchars. They offer guidance on how companies can embark on the road to automation, who should oversee the initiative, and who holds the purse strings. In the process, we learn why so many companies continue to fall short of the goal of "the perfect order." Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.

This episode is sponsored by Esker.

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Show notes:

A blog post by Dan Reeve: "3 Reasons Why Supply Chain Owners Should Care About Order Management."

An Esker white paper on "Automating Fax, Email and EDI Orders in an ERP Environment."

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