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Third-Party Logistics Factor into Your Green Supply Chain

The supply chain is getting greener and discussions about sustainability are cropping up in more calls and conferences than ever before. What this means for you is that the "green-ness" of your supply chain will soon be a deciding factor for your manufacturer and shipper partners as well as your other customers.

Third-Party Logistics Factor into Your Green Supply Chain

A recent study from ProPurchaser found that 80 percent of supply chain professionals favor suppliers with green business practices. FAQ Logistique notes that 29 percent of shippers depend on 3PL partners to provide visibility for carbon emissions and fuel efficiency, with more than half of shippers saying visibility is important for picking a 3PL.

From a 3PL perspective, visibility remains one of the most important aspects of supply chain support both in and out of the sustainability sphere.

Existing IT systems need to be integrated with emissions measurement and management processes to track emissions across an entire move. Your 3PL should provide a way to capture this data throughout your moves or a sustainability report for each mode at the end of a move.

By placing more information and operational elements under the control of your 3PL, you increase the efficiency that the 3PL can deliver. For example, the more lane data accessible to the 3PL, the more they can introduce operational efficiencies such as combined shipments, which help you meet emission reduction goals.

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