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This Supply Chain Goes Nuclear

All of a sudden, the future looks bright for nuclear power. Along with that rosy forecast, however, comes a raft of new challenges to the industry's global supply chain.

This Supply Chain Goes Nuclear

The list is daunting: Scaling up to meet future growth. Ensuring a base of reliable suppliers and ready availability of product. Securing safe and efficient transportation. Preventing the flow of counterfeit components.

How can the nuclear supply chain meet these crucial goals? We get answers from two professors at Clemson University: Scott J. Mason, president and interim chair of industrial engineering, as well as holder of the Fluor Endowed Chair in Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics; and Bill Ferrell, professor of industrial engineering and associate dean of graduate studies. Both will be speaking at the Nuclear Supply Chain Conference in Greenville, S.C. on April 28-30, 2014, presented by the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC). Here, they offer a preview of their insights. Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.

Look for the next episode of the podcast, which can be downloaded or streamed, every Friday on the SupplyChainBrain website.

Show notes:

The website of the 2014 Nuclear Supply Chain Conference.

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