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Trends Impacting Chemical Industry Marketplace

Chemical production is often described, understated as it might be, as a "harsh" operating environment. Machinery, components and workers are subjected to extreme temperatures, pressures and substances as they generate end products that can be used in a multitude of ways.

Trends Impacting Chemical Industry Marketplace

Currently, the processing market, and in particular the harsher chemical, petrochemical and resins sectors, are seeing growth due to an influx of homegrown energy resources that have helped lower production costs.

This growth shines a spotlight on the need for equipment, operational approaches and ERP systems that are scalable, reliable and efficient.

Few know these dynamics as well as Don Mahoney, global head of SAP's Chemicals Industry Business Solutions, who says SAP works with about 4,500 chemical companies. "So we've developed a unique perspective of the industry."

Mahoney sees a number of trends impacting the marketplace, including:

The challenges of continuing to grow and innovate while managing regulatory issues. "Some of our chemical customers are facing four times as many regulations as there were five years ago," offers Mahoney. This includes a growing number of unique state and local regulations that can impact material handling, labeling and packaging.

"Chemical companies have vast amounts of current and historical data from labs and production centers," states Mahoney. "More and more we see chemical companies needing a way to bring all that data into one place and then establish standards for reporting and metrics to help increase margins through operational excellence."

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