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Underwriters Labs Increases Supply Chain Services

Safety science company Underwriters Laboratories launched its Information & Insights division, created to meet the demands by businesses for more sustainably made products - including housewares, beauty supplies, cleaning products and consumer technologies from computers to smart devices - and sustainable supply chains.

The demand has been brought on by the growing concern that many products are being created with materials, ingredients and components that have been proven to be either dangerous to use, caustic to consume, poisonous for the environment or developed through socially unacceptable practices, UL says.

UL says I&I solves the issue of inventory risk by optimizing the “end-to-end” data flow between key supply chain stakeholders, including: suppliers who demand that all proprietary source information be safeguarded through controlled access; manufacturers who require current, easy-to-index materials and/or ingredient insights across the supply chain, for ensuring greater regulatory compliance; retailers who need ongoing access to granular product information in order to mitigate inventory risk; and consumers who are now making better informed purchasing decisions based on sourcing choices and the proven sustainability of a product.

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