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UPS Ranked Most Valuable Logistics Brand in 2017

Once again, UPS has seized the top position by a long-shot, with a brand value of $22bn, according to Brand Finance, a U.K.-based valuation and strategy consultant that appraises the brand values of the world's leading logistics companies.

FedEX took second place with its brand valued at $17bn - up 31 percent from 2016 following its acquisition of TNT Express.

Brand Finance's valuation methodology is a multi-step process which begins by giving each company a letter grade (up to a AAA+) based on perceived power/strength of the brand. This grade is ultimately a product of quantitative and qualitative factors such as marketing investment, familiarity, loyalty, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation. Once a grade has been assigned, brand value is then calculated based on the proportion of a company’s revenue that is contributed by the brand.

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