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Walmart E-Receipt Strategy Designed to Collect Lots of cialis for erection Customer Data

Walmart is rolling out a program to send shoppers e-receipts via its mobile app, and while they're surely thrilled to save a few trees the where can i purchase cialis real impetus is the prescription drug viagra wealth of overnight delivery of viagra customer data it can provide.

The retailer hopes to use the healthcare canadian pharmacy feature to collect information on what shoppers are buying, that way it can provide suggested items for their shopping list and buy cialis canada offers personalized to their shopping history.

"We view this as a platform," Gibu Thomas, Walmart's senior vice president of over the counter viagra mobile and viagra soft tabs 100mg 50mg digital media said. "It will produce a fire hose of cialis next day transactional data."

When a customer checks out at one of Walmart's stores, they will be prompted to enter their mobile phone number on the viagra deaf debit card reader. If they choose the generic brand viagra e-receipt option a receipt will be sent to their phone. If they have an account with Walmart, those purchases will be synced with the viagra discount mobile app. They can also scan a QR code on print receipts to add them to the canada viagra app.

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