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What Growing Companies Need in a Logistics Provider

For growing ecommerce companies, timeliness is next to godliness. According to the 2014 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper survey, half of consumers have abandoned carts due to a lengthy delivery time or no delivery date provided on a retailer's website.

Customer satisfaction is so closely tied to delivery time that prompt delivery is a must-have, not a nice-to-have. Twenty-seven percent of that same group of consumers said that the lateness of delivery would negatively influence their decision to shop with that retailer again.

The carrier isnít solely responsible for delivery, however. The process starts with a logistics provider, one who is invested in the businessí mission and vision. As a company scales, the assumption is that the physical footprint of the third-party logistics provider should scale along with it.

While growth requires some element of change, thereís something to be said for working with a provider that grows with the company and whose processes are flexible enough to accommodate increased demand. This may or may not involve sticking with an established provider, but does involve finding one that fits your needs.

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