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Where Is RFID Going - and Where Is It Taking Us?

Behind the scenes the electronics industry is leaping into brave new worlds of printed electronics, electronic inks, and laser Nano and other innovations. Quite frankly we don’t think any of these innovations will mightily impact the current trajectory of RFID as we know it today. But in our life time there will be radical changes.

Where Is RFID Going – and Where Is It Taking Us?

It took a long time for RFID to get to today—the first billion tags. But the market is humming along now. And even now a stunning amount of innovations is going on to find the true “home” of RFID.  But our goal here for this article is not to look back, but to leap forward into the future.

The future of electronics, RFID and antennas is quite interesting. Material innovations in organic polymers, Nano technology, meta materials; and innovations in processing such as advances in photolithography, electron-beam lithography, direct laser/optical lithography, electrophoretic; new battery/power technologies—the whole area of printed electronics on organic new material, cloth and paper, all are in motion to step by step transform the semiconductor world. More flexible and cheaper production will enable a new generation of RFID growth.

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