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White House Partners with Amazon, Others on Climate Change Resilience

Along with its warning that delaying action on climate change would cause enormous economic losses, the White House has announced a series of data-related initiatives to prepare U.S. food and water supplies - along with the industries and jobs that rely on them - for climate challenges.

The White House hopes the data will spur and enhance efforts by industry, communities and other sectors to improve water and food security, as well as overall resilience to climate change.

A new report from president’s council of economic advisors found that the costs of cutting greenhouse gas pollution and coping with global warming’s impacts would rise by 40 percent for every decade of delay. It is “clear that not taking action has far greater costs” than prompt action, John Podesta told reporters.

The newly announced initiatives feature public-private collaborations that aim to render government data on agriculture, weather, climate and water more informative and accessible to businesses and the general public.

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