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Williams-Sonoma Commits to IT Investment That Optimizes Supply Chain

At the beginning of 2013, Williams-Sonoma outlined four key areas of focus: strengthening its brands, laying the foundation for global expansion, investing in supply chain and investing in the technologies and infrastructure that underlay all these initiatives.

Looking to 2014 and beyond, Williams-Sonoma has designed its strategies with a single-minded focus on customers, offering multichannel excellence and an efficient vertically integrated supply chain. There will be continued investments in global expansion as well as in supply chain infrastructure, including the opening of its new Dallas distribution center in the first half of 2014. The retailer will also place investments in its retail fleet, IT infrastructure and further developing its new e-commerce platform. To support these initiatives, CapEx investments will remain in the range of $200m to $220m.

"We've kept our focus on our customers, the products and services that we offer and the way that we interact with our customers across multiple channels," said Williams-Sonoma president and CEO Laura Alber. "As such, we have created a differentiated and highly relevant experience."

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