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Yusen Expands Logistics Footprint in Indonesia

Yusen Logistics' warehousing facilities in Indonesia will hit 90,000 square meters in 2014, as it begins work on a 16,700-square-meter facility in February.

Yusen Expands Logistics Footprint in Indonesia

The Tokyo-based company's Indonesian arm has announced it will commence the operation to build the warehouse in an industrial complex in Jababeka, in the suburbs of Jakarta.

Situated almost 50 kilometers to the east of the Port of Jakarta, Jababeka is adjacent to Cikarang Dry Port and is located near to major industrial complexes.

Numerous Japanese companies, mainly in the automotive sector, have expanded to this area and the demand for warehouses is set to increase.

The warehouse's logistics service will include inventory management, processing for distribution and inland transportation of automotive-related goods and consumer goods, as domestic demand for these items is expected to grow.

The group's warehouse service is among the largest of those offered by a Japanese logistics company in Southeast Asia. Yusen Logistics already has warehouses in Thailand and Malaysia with areas of nearly 200,000 square meters each.

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