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EDI Communication (XML/EDI)

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PeopleNet Launches Tool for Developing Custom Apps on In-Cab PCs

PeopleNet, a vendor of onboard computing and mobile communications systems for North American truckers, has launched BLULink. The technology speeds up the process of developing custom software applications to run on PeopleNet's in-cab personal computer, known as BLU. According to the company, BLULink makes the Software Development Kit that was introduced with the BLU platform last year easier to use, because it requires less training and no onsite attendance. It allows customers direct access to the PeopleNet network to do their own over-the-air programming. The process is similar to the OTAP technology that the company introduced several years ago. By sending simple commands over PeopleNet's network, customers can easily install new versions of their own code, perform a loop-back test on data transfer, and request diagnostic logs from the system. BLU also makes engine control-monitoring data, eDriver Logs information, and GPS positioning data readily available for custom applications. The app's open-software environment enables BLULink to support full data exchange with back-end systems, as well as in-cab devices that use PeopleNet's proprietary PTP protocol. BLULink also support's BLU's serial port, so that it can interface to other serial devices such as mobile printers.

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