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RFID, Wireless, Bar Code & Voice

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Canadian Logistics Company Tracks Pet Food Shipments Via RFID

Canadian logistics firm J.D. Smith and Sons has completed a six-month trial of radio frequency identification technology to track the loading, shipping and receipt of bagged pet food for a pet-product retailer. The company is now offering an RFID-based service to track its customers' goods, based on reads of RFID tags embedded in J.D. Smith's pallets.

The solution was provided by Axios Mobile Assets, a manufacturer of lightweight plastic pallets, to better manage the loading of trucks and transportation to stores, based on data indicating when each pallet was packed, loaded onto a vehicle and delivered.

J.D. Smith has been investigating RFID solutions for several years. In late 2010, the company began testing the use of RFID-enabled pallets at its own warehouse. Six months ago, however, the firm began its first full-scale pilot with a customer - a pet-product retailer that has asked to remain unnamed. Each 47-pound soy bio-resin reusable pallet has four passive EPC Gen 2 ultrahigh-frequency RFID tags - one in each of the pallet's four corners. The four tags are linked to the same pallet in software residing on a Web-based server hosted by Axios, which shares all RFID read data with J.D. Smith.

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