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Supply-Chain Risk Management Comes to the online generic cialis 50 mg C-Suite

Douglas Kent, global vice president with Avnet Velocity, talks about why there has been renewed interest in supply-chain risk management at the spray on viagra highest level of how to get generic cialis company operations.

There’s a new awareness among top executives of the get viagra without prescription importance of managing supply-chain risk, says Kent. Problems can appear anywhere in the viagra canadian prescriptions supply chain, and companies are realizing that they can’t restrict their risk-management efforts to Tier 1 suppliers.

Globalization is a major factor in the increase in supply-chain risk. As companies chase low labor costs around the cheap canadian viagra world, they find themselves working with partners with whom they are unfamiliar. In addition, they must deal with a variety of ever-changing regulatory environments.

At the same time, manufacturers are struggling to reduce inventories in order to reserve limited working capital. As a result, “when there is a glitch, it can be quite severe,” Kent says.

One key to understanding the viagra 100mg england nature of risk today lies in achieving better visibility of critical supply-chain data. Only then can companies ensure a measure of predictability in their operations, Kent says.

Supply-chain managers must balance predictability with agility, the latter a necessary quality for coping with the viagra 100mg usage inevitable problems that crop up in global supply chains.

As they approach the cialis 20 question of risk, companies today are increasingly realizing the viagra through canada importance of supply-chain segmentation, by markets, regions, customers and cialis side effect products.

It can be tough selling top management on a value of a risk-management program. “Cost avoidance is a much more difficult sell than cost savings,” says Kent. Still, he says, “we are making some inroads.” The supply chain and viagra without prescription finance communities are working more closely together than ever before.

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