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For Amazon, Can Two Headquarters Still Equal One Culture?
By:The Wall Street Journal |22.09.2017

In planning Inc.'s second headquarters, Chief Executive Jeff Bezos faces a new challenge: how to maintain the online retail giant's carefully cultivated culture when he canít be in two places at once. »

At Omega, a New Factory for Orders From China
By:The New York Times |22.09.2017

August frustrates Raynald Aeschlimann, president and chief executive at Omega. »

Opinion: Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning AI in the Retail Supply Chain
By:Bernard Marr, big data consultant, Forbes contributor |22.09.2017

In retail, supply chain efficiency is essential. Inventory management, picking, packing and shipping are all time and resource-intensive processes which can have a dramatic impact on a business's bottom line. »

Automotive Industry Has Mixed Feelings About Trump's Approach to Fuel Standards
By:Environmental Leader |22.09.2017

One might think that the auto industry favors weaker greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency standards, or at least the penalties set forth for non-compliance. But what it really favors are standards that are economically achievable and a definite set of rules for it to follow. »

Where Corn Pollutes America Most, and Who's Responsible
By:Bloomberg |21.09.2017

Companies want to know the environmental impact of their supply chains. Researchers used a crucial commodity to show them. »

Is the Flying Car Ready for Takeoff?
By:The Guardian |21.09.2017

A little white winged pod lifts itself off the ground and glides off into the distance. The whole movement looks effortless. It's like watching Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder - except we're in a nondescript airfield in Germany, not the planet Tatooine. »

Nonprofit Remake Wants to Humanize Fashion Manufacturing
By:San Francisco Chronicle |21.09.2017

Clothes shopping can be an utterly escapist experience, especially in San Francisco. One can get educated on fair trade wages and ethical fashion exponentially, but once you're surrounded by pristine, stylish interiors and lured by soothing music, all may as well be forgotten. »

College of Lake County Launches New Supply Chain Management Program
By:Chicago Tribune |21.09.2017

Responding to the needs of area residents and employers, the College of Lake County has launched an associate degree and two certificate programs in supply chain management. »

Meet the Not-So-Average Supply Chain Millennials

You can forget the stereotypes you have heard about millennials in the workplace. New research finds that the next generation is engaged and enthused about careers in supply chain management. View article »

In the Future, Warehouse Robots Will Learn on Their Own
By:The New York Times |20.09.2017

The robot was perched over a bin filled with random objects, from a box of instant oatmeal to a small toy shark. This two-armed automaton did not recognize any of this stuff, but that did not matter. It reached into the pile and started picking things up, one after another after another. »

Apple Wants Its Stores to Become 'Town Squares.' Skeptics Call It a 'Branding Fantasy.'
By:The Washington Post |20.09.2017

Goodbye, Apple store. From now on, the company says, its stores are "town squares." »

This Startup Aims to Make Crops Produce Their Own Nitrogen Fertilizer
By:Forbes |20.09.2017

German conglomerate Bayer, together with Boston biotech startup Ginkgo Bioworks, announced last week that they're creating a new company that could make it possible for crops like corn, wheat and rice to produce nitrogen fertilizer. »

Buy American, Hire American: How Renewed Protectionism Is Reshaping Supply Chains
By:IndustryWeek |19.09.2017

Cowboy hats, fire trucks and baseball bats - these were some of the products put on display at the White House during the "Made in America Week" this summer. While this was mainly a symbolic, PR-motivated show to celebrate American manufacturing, recent policy initiatives by President Trump's... »

Opinion: Why Do Big Hacks Happen? Blame Big Data
By:Jathan Sadowski, technology ethics lecturer, The Guardian contributor |19.09.2017

Equifax, one of the largest credit reporting agencies, revealed this month that it was hacked back in May, exposing the personal data of up to 143 million people. The data accessed by hackers contains extremely sensitive information like social security numbers, birth data, consumer's names,... »

Eight Critical Components of a Digital Workplace
By:Gartner |19.09.2017

Digital workplace programs often lose their way, or fail, due to a fragmented approach that prioritizes a few technology "fixes" over business strategy. To combat this, digital workplace leaders need to employ a framework to ensure their digital workplace initiatives address all of the eight... »

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