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How Companies Are Tackling the Challenge of Risk Management
By:Bob Bowman, Managing Editor, SupplyChainBrain |14.06.2016

Managers of high-tech and medical supply chains discuss how their companies have approached the critical issue of risk management over the years -- and what more needs to be done. A SupplyChainBrain "In the Know" presentation. [Run Time (Min.): 15:04] »

Transportation Procurement: Problems & Predictions
By:Shanon Hart, Vice President, Product Management, MercuryGate |14.06.2016

Shanon, Vice President, Product Management, MercuryGate, details how the automated freight-bid process benefits carriers and shippers -- and why it's not always about the lowest rate. [Run Time (Min.): 5:31] »

How Green Freight Policy Benefits Your Company
By:Elena Craft, Senior Scientist, EDF |02.06.2016

Achieving a sustainable freight transportation system requires data capture, appropriate metrics and 'smart' analysis, says Elena Craft, EDF senior scientist. [Run Time (Min.): 6:50]   »

Challenges in Managing Freight Efficiency
By:Chris Schomberg, Logistics Manager, Meijer |02.06.2016

Using EPA SmartWay-certified trucks has enabled Meijer to meet regulatory challenges, says Chris Schomberg, logistics manager for the grocery chain. [Run Time (Min.): 4:45] »

Sustainability & Retail Freight Transportation
By:Jess Dankert, Senior Dir. of Retail Operations & Supply Chain, RILA |02.06.2016

For retail, transportation is more complex than ever, says Jess Dankert, senior director of retail operations and supply chain at RILA. The EPA SmartWay program helps rein in costs. [Run Time (Min.): 8:23] »

How NetApp Prepares for Supply-Chain Disruptions
By:Lee Wolfe, Director, Risk Management, NetApp |26.05.2016

Lee Wolfe, director of risk management with Net App, talks about how the dominant provider of storage technology works with suppliers to address potential disruptions in the supply chain. [Run Time (Min.): 10:03] »

EMC2 Ensures Business Continuity Through Risk Management
By:Matt Mills, Senior Program Manager, Global Supply Chain, EMC2 |26.05.2016

Matt Mills, senior program manager for global supply chain with EMC2, reveals how his company has developed an effective program for managing risk. [Run Time (Min.): 11:24] »

The Significance of a Green Freight Policy
By:Brent Hudspeth, VP, Transportation Management, Transplace |26.05.2016

In order to integrate new processes for the benefit of its customers, Transplace was one of the earliest partners of the EPA's SmartWay program, says Brent Hudspeth, the provider's vice president of transportation management. [Run Time (Min.): 8:00] »

The Maturing of Risk Management at IBM
By:Louis Ferretti, Project Executive - Global Procurement, IBM |25.05.2016

Louis Ferretti, project executive for global procurement with IBM, traces the history of the company's risk-management initiative, to its current use of sophisticated technology and business processes. [Run Time (Min.): 8:53] »

Boston Scientific: How the Life Sciences Sector Addresses Risk Management
By:Michael Landberg, Strategic Global Sourcing Manager, Boston Scientific |25.05.2016

Michael Landberg, strategic global sourcing manager at Boston Scientific, describes how a major player in the life-sciences sector approaches the critical issue of risk management. [Run Time (Min.): 8:17] »

ThermoFisher Scientific: Why Good Risk Management Is Crucial to Product Quality
By:Lee Young, Director, Supplier Quality, ThermoFisher Scientific |25.05.2016

Lee Young, director of supplier quality with ThermoFisher Scientific, discusses how technology and business-process change have helped the company to tighten up its risk-management program. [Run Time (Min.): 10:17] »

The Latest in Delivery Tracking Software
By:Sebastian Ojeda, CEO, Beetrack |24.05.2016

Home delivery is the only touch point with the customer in e-commerce sales, says Sebastian Ojeda, CEO of Beetrack, so delivery-tracking software is very important. [Run Time (Min.): 4:44] »

Groupe Dynamite: A Global Player in the World of 'Fast Fashion'
By:Isabelle Rousseau, Director, Allocation, Groupe Dynamite |24.05.2016

As a seller of apparel around the world, Groupe Dynamite must adapt to multiple seasons, cultural traditions and consumer taste. Isabelle Rousseau, director of allocation, talks about how the company automated its forecasting and inventory allocation processes. [Run Time (Min.): 5:25] »

Why You Need a Regional Carrier
By:Frank Limbaugh, VP, Sales & Marketing, LSO |23.05.2016

A regional carrier has to provide many services, be quick and be flexible, all while saving costs, says Frank Limbaugh, vice president of sales and marketing at LSO. [Run Time (Min.): 5:28] »

Challenges of Cross-Border E-commerce in Ukraine & Eastern Europe
By:Katya Bezyuk, Global Business Development Director, Nova Poshta International |23.05.2016

Ukrainians are eager to conduct e-commerce with Western retailers, but many of those companies don't ship directly to East European nations, says Katya Bezyuk, global business development director for Nova Poshta International. [Run Time (Min.): 7:35] »

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