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The Future of Warehouse Management
By:Bob Bowman, Managing Editor, SupplyChainBrain |28.01.2016

A wide-ranging discussion by multiple industry experts about the major trends and challenges that companies are facing in the area of warehouse management. A SupplyChainBrain "In the Know" presentation. [Run Time (Min.): 11:29] »

J.R. Simplot and Logility: A Case Study
By:Ed Thompson, EVP Global Services, Logility |28.01.2016

J.R. Simplot Co., the privately held agribusiness giant with interests in food, fertilizers, land and livestock, engages Logility to implement a new supply-chain solution that can support its end-to-end sales and operations planning process. The initiative embraces demand, supply and manufacturing... »

Are Companies Serious About Supply-Chain Resilience?
By:Yossi Sheffi, Professor of Engineering, MIT |23.10.2015

Yossi Sheffi, professor and director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, discusses his newest book, "The Power of Resilience: How the Best Companies Manage the Unexpected." [Run Time (Min.): 6:44] »

Lennox Industries: The Challenge of Improving Cost and Service
By:Keith Nash, VP Supply Chain Logistics, Lennox Industries |23.10.2015

Keith Nash, vice president of supply chain logistics with Lennox Industries, discusses how his company joined with ToolsGroup, Inc. to enable a supply-chain transformation based on demand modeling and machine learning. A finalist in the SupplyChainBrain/CSCMP Supply Chain Innovation Award for 2015.... »

HP Embraces a New Level of Global Analytics
By:Jozo Acksteiner and Travis Parker, Hewlett-Packard Co. |23.10.2015

Geographic analytics proves key to HP's ability to make crucial decisions about the location of suppliers ad distribution centers around the world. Jozo Acksteiner, manager of strategy and analytics, and Travis Parker, program manager of global supply chain, tell the story. A finalist in the... »

How Eastman Chemical Maintains Market Dominance
By:Kevin C. Pruitt, Dir, Supply Chain Execution & Logistics, Eastman Chemical Co. |22.09.2015

Kevin Pruitt, director of supply chain execution and global logistics with Eastman Chemical Co., discusses how the company designed and maintains an integrated supply-chain strategy, along with the keys to successful transformation. A Supply Chain Insights "Supply Chain to Admire" for... »

'Supply Chains to Admire': The 2015 Edition
By:Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO, Supply Chain Insights |21.09.2015

Lora Cecere, founder and chief executive officer of Supply Chain Insights, explains the methodology behind her firm's ranking of "Supply Chains to Admire," a new means of measuring supply-chain excellence. She also discusses how the list has evolved in its second year of existence. [Run... »

General Mills' Journey to Supply-Chain Excellence
By:Andrea Turner, VP, North American Logistics, General Mills |21.09.2015

Andrea Turner, vice president of North American logistics with General Mills, details the company's strategy for making supply chain the core of its business -- and reveals the savings and successes that it has realized to date. A Supply Chain Insights "Supply Chain to Admire" for 2015.... »

Intel: An Ever-Evolving Supply Chain
By:Sharon J. Hall, Dir, Equipment Planning & Procurement, Intel Corp. |21.09.2015

Sharon Hall, director of equipment planning and procurement at Intel, as well as director of Intel Resale Corp., lays out the five tenets of the company's supply-chain strategy, and explains what happens when they conflict. A Supply Chain Insights "Supply Chain to Admire" for 2015. [Run... »

Challenges of the Digital Supply Chain
By:Frederick Hartung, VP SC Solutions & Global Logistics, Jabil Circuit |22.07.2015

The term 'digital supply chain' describes the integration of advanced technology, big data, and analytics to better manage, execute and improve the physical supply chain, says Frederick Hartung of Jabil. He explains how this is playing out today and what it means for the future. [Run Time (Min.):... »

Technology Trends in the Warehouse
By:Robert D. Carver Jr., Director, Sales, IBS |22.07.2015

Warehouse operations can be the throttle or the chokehold of a supply chain, a truth that has become more evident with the growth of e-commerce, says Robert Carver of IBS. Carver discusses how technology is helping companies address challenges and opportunities in today's warehouse. [Run Time... »

Keys to Managing 3PL Growth
By:John Reichert, Senior Director SCE Solutions, Tecsys |22.07.2015

John Reichert, director of supply chain execution solutions at Tecsys, discusses factors driving increased demand for 3PL services and describes the type of provider best positioned to leverage this growth environment. [Run Time (Min.): 8:10] »

SanDisk's Journey to Redesign its Supply Chain
By:Kehat Shahar, VP of Operations, Supply Chain Planning, SanDisk |21.07.2015

Several years ago SanDisk realized that its build-to-forecast model was causing excess inventory and poor on-time delivery. The company decided to transform to a pull supply-chain model based on actual demand and postponement. Kehat Shahar, vice president of operations and supply chain planning at... »

Factors Driving Change for 3PL Providers
By:Shawn Masters, Chief Commercial Officer, ProTrans |21.07.2015

As a growing 3PL, ProTrans is taking a proactive approach to finding mid-sized, regional carriers that are a good match for its network. Shawn Masters, COO, discusses ProTrans' carrier program and its proprietary carrier-matching software application. [Run Time (Min.): 6:30] »

Getting to Win/Win in 3PL Customer Relationships
By:Mike Bautch, President, Universal |21.07.2015

The goal for 3PLs always is to negotiate a win/win contract with existing and new customers, says Mike Bautch of Universal. He offers insights and examples on how to create win/win relationships that keep improving over the years. [Run Time (Min.): 12:12] »

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