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Supply Chain Challenges in Emerging Markets
By:Clive Geldard, Group VP-Retail & Supply Chain, Solving Efeso |07.08.2014

Global companies increasingly are viewing emerging markets not only as a source of supply but also as consumer markets. Clive Geldard, group vice president for retail and supply chain at Solving Efeso, discusses supply chain challenges that these markets present and steps companies can take to... »

Supply Chain Strategy and the Boardroom
By:Steve Mayhew, Principal Consultant, Solving Efeso |07.08.2014

Solving Efeso and the Cranfield School of Management conducted a multi-year study on how companies approach supply chain strategy at the boardroom level, correlating specific practices with supply chain performance and business success. Steve Mayhew, principal consultant at Solving Efeso, discusses... »

Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization in a Global Business
By:Ruud Somers, Director-Global Network Design, TE Connectivity |07.08.2014

TE Connectivity is a $13bn world leader in designing and manufacturing electronic connectivity products for a range of industries. Ruud Somers, director of global network design, discusses how the company uses supply chain modeling and optimization solutions to support the high service demands of... »

Designing a Supply Chain To Support Global Brands
By:Ryan Dimond, Manager-Supply Chain Optiimization, Big Heart Pet Brands |06.08.2014

Big Heart Pet Brands is the parent company for many of the biggest selling pet foods, including Kibbles 'n Bits, Meow Mix and Milk Bone and 9Lives. Ryan Dimond, manager of supply chain optimization, discusses how Big Heart uses supply chain design to support its many brands and employs supply chain... »

Business Transformation Through Agile Supply Network Design
By:Jake Barr, CEO, BlueWorld Consulting |06.08.2014

Organizations need an agile supply network to be able to respond to unplanned events and continuing market volatility, says Jake Barr, CEO of BlueWorld Consulting. Barr explains what an agile supply network encompasses and outlines steps that companies can take to build agility into their supply... »

Omni-channel Solution Strategies for Retailers
By:James Reardon and Gretchen Holden, Senior Consultants, Kurt Salmon |06.08.2014

The challenges of omni-channel distribution are perhaps the largest issues facing retailers today. Two senior consultants from Kurt Salmon identify solutions that can help retailers deal with omni-channel demands today and stay ahead of future changes. [Run Time (Min.): 9:19] »

Trends in Inventory Optimization
By:John Sharkey, Sr. VP of Supply Chain Consulting, Spinnaker |05.08.2014

John Sharkey, senior vice president for supply chain consulting at Spinnaker, discusses how Spinnaker's clients are employing inventory optimization and supply chain network modeling to meet specific service requirements without excess safety stock. [Run Time (Min.): 6:58] »

Tactical Transportation Planning and Backhaul Optimization
By:Sara Curtis, Principal Consultant, Peak 5 Consulting |05.08.2014

Solutions that allow users to tactically plan transportation routes and optimize backhauls enable significant efficiencies, says Sara Curtis, principal consultant at Peak 5. She explains how Peak 5 works with clients to implement and leverage these applications. [Run Time (Min.): 8:12] »

How Southco Has Used IO to Improve Its Network
By:Karen Hogan, Global Director-Operational Excellence, Southco Inc. |05.08.2014

Karen Hogan, global director of operational excellence at Southco, discusses the challenges of multi-echelon inventory optimization and how Southco has used solutions from Llamasoft to integrate IO into its planning process. [Run Time (Min.): 5:54] »

Best Practices for Choosing and Using a 3PL
By:Frank McGuigan, President, Transportation Mgt, Transplace |25.07.2014

Frank McGuigan, president of transportation management with Transplace, details the benefits of a "synchronized" 3PL-customer relationship, and provides guidance on how shippers can go about selecting the right partner. [Run Time (Min.): 9:25] »

KMG Chemicals Hires a 3PL: A Case Study
By:Ernie Kremling, KMG Chemicals, Inc. and Frank McGuigan, Transplace |25.07.2014

Ernie Kremling, vice president of operations with KMG Chemicals, Inc., relates the story of how the company selected a 3PL, and what kind of issues it was out to solve in the process. He is joined by Frank McGuigan, president of transportation management with Transplace. [Run Time (Min.): 8:39] »

The Transportation Capacity Crunch: How Can Shippers Cope?
By:Thomas K. Sanderson, CEO, Transplace |25.07.2014

Tom Sanderson, chief executive officer of Transplace, offers a picture of the current transportation landscape -- one that's marked by tightening capacity and fewer options for shippers. He offers some advice on how to cope with the situation. [Run Time (Min.): 10:17] »

Transportation Bills and Regulations That Could Impact Your Business
By:Thomas K. Sanderson, CEO, Transplace |24.07.2014

Tom Sanderson, chief executive officer of Transplace, runs down the various new regulations and pieces of legislation that could have a deep impact on shippers and the nation's transportation system. [Run Time (Min.): 11:19] »

Innovative Transportation Solutions for the Mexican Market
By:Ben Enriquez and Danny Beers, Transplace |24.07.2014

How has cross-border transportation evolved over the last few years? And what is the potential for intermodal in Mexico? We get some answers from Ben Enriquez, country director with Transplace Mexico, and Danny Beers, Mexico intermodal project leader with Transplace. [Run Time (Min.): 8:53] »

How to Become Your Carrier's 'Shipper of Choice'
By:Ben Cubitt, SVP, Engineering & Consulting, Transplace |24.07.2014

Transportation capacity is tightening up, and carriers can afford to be pickier about which shippers they favor. Ben Cubitt, senior vice president of engineering and consulting with Transplace, offers some tips on how to be that preferred customer. [Run Time (Min.): 12:48] »

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