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The World of Extreme Supply Chains
By:Steve Geary, President, Supply Chain Visions |21.11.2014

Steve Geary, president of Supply Chain Visions, shares stories of "extreme" supply chains in Afghanistan -- and tells how those strategies and lessons can be applied in the U.S. [Run Time (Min.): 12:16] »

Labor-Management Systems: State of the Art
By:Louis J. Cerny, Vice President, Sedlak Consultants |21.11.2014

Companies are finally beginning to take advantage of labor-management systems in their distribution centers. Lou Cerny, vice president of Sedlak Consultants, describes the rate of adoption, and advises on why, when and how to implement LMS in your own operation. [Run Time (Min.): 10:40] »

How to Stop Getting It Wrong: New Developments in Supply and Demand Planning
By:Robert F. Byrne, CEO, Terra Technology |21.11.2014

Demand planners are coping with the growing complexity of consumer-goods supply chains. Most of all, they have to do a better job of getting the numbers right, says Robert F. Byrne, chief executive officer of Terra Technology. [Run Time (Min.): 9:24] »

Trucking and Transportation 2014 - And Beyond
By:Andy Moses, Senior VP, Global Products, Penske |20.11.2014

Andy Moses, senior vice president of global products with Penske Logistics, talks about the growing popularity of dedicated contract carriage -- and offers a frank appraisal of the challenges that shippers and carriers face in today's uncertain economy. [Run Time (Min.): 11:15] »

Supply-Chain Design: A 'Must-Have' Business Function
By:Toby Brzoznowski, Executive Vice President, LLamasoft, Inc. |20.11.2014

Toby Brzoznowski, executive vice president of LLamasoft, Inc., details the changes he's seen in supply-chain modeling and network design over the last 15 years. And he offers a picture of where the technology ad supporting business processes are going. [Run Time (Min.): 9:40] »

How Sears Holding Company Optimized Online Fulfillment
By:Bill Hutchinson and Jeff Starecheski, Sears Holdings |20.11.2014

Sears Holding Company needed to improve service to online shoppers, to stay competitive with both traditional and e-commerce rivals. Chief supply chain officer Bill Hutchinson and vice president Jeff Starecheski tell how it was done. A finalist in the SupplyChainBrain/CSCMP Supply Chain Innovation... »

The Promise and Peril of Big Data in Retail Supply Chains
By:AnnÝbal Camara Sodero, Assistant Professor, Dept. of SCM, University of Arkansas |19.11.2014

The emergence of Big Data poses significant challenges to retail supply chains. But it also offers the opportunity to gain new insights into customer demand. Annibal Sodero, assistant professor at the Walton College of Business University of Arkansas, explains. [Run Time (Min.): 9:00]   »

Drawing the Omnichannel Roadmap
By:Joe Dunlap, Sr. Director, Supply Chain Services, Fortna |19.11.2014

What does it take to develop an omnichannel roadmap? Joe Dunlap, senior director of supply-chain services with Fortna, lays out the steps that companies need to take. And he explains why the omnichannel is not for everyone. [Run Time (Min.): 8:15] »

Labor Planning: A Critical Component of Today's Supply Chains
By:Evan Danner, President, TZA |19.11.2014

Evan Danner, president of TZA, explains why it's essential for companies today to employ sophisticated labor-planning and optimization systems on the plant floor and in the warehouse. [Run Time (Min.): 10:53] »

New Insights on Supply Chain Innovation
By:Susan L. Golicic, Associate Professor, SCM, Colorado State University |18.11.2014

Susan Golicic, associate professor at Colorado State University, discusses recent CSCMP sponsored research on the state of supply chain innovation. A lot of incremental innovation has led to significant performance improvements, she says. [Run Time (Min.): 10:52] »

A Conversation With a Supply-Chain Millennial
By:Susie Conley, Program Specialist, Caterpillar, Inc. |18.11.2014

Eight years into a career in supply chain, Susie Conley, program specialist with Caterpillar Inc., talks about her experience, the opportunities that exist for new entrants into the job marketplace, and the attributes that make a modern-day supply-chain professional successful. [Run Time (Min.):... »

Navigating Supply-Chain Complexity
By:Valerie Bonebrake, Senior Vice President, Tompkins International |18.11.2014

E-commerce, the ever-present risk of supply disruptions, volatile and unpredictable consumer demand -- they're all combining to create global supply chains with more complexity than ever before. Valerie Bonebrake, senior vice president of Tompkins International, describes the challenge, and offers... »

Unintended Impacts of Omnichannel Distribution
By:Steven T. DeFazio, Executive Vice President, Fortna |17.11.2014

The shift toward omnichannel distribution has both positive and negative unintended impacts. On the positive side are opportunities to blend and leverage channels in new ways; on the downside are organizational and operational gaps. Steven DeFazio, executive vice president at Fortna, offers... »

Creating Win/Win Partnerships in International Supply Chains
By:Micah Holst, President, Marisol International LLC |17.11.2014

Marisol International uses its proprietary software to customize import and export solutions for the specific business needs of customers, while automating processes and eliminating paperwork. President Micah Holst explains how this approach results in true win/win partnerships. [Run Time (Min.):... »

Identifying the Top 15 Supply Chains to Admire
By:Lora Cecere, CEO & Founder, Supply Chain Insights |17.11.2014

Lora Cecere, CEO of Supply Chain Insights, discusses new research from her company designed to identify the top 15 supply chains as measured against their peers. She discusses capabilities and strategies that these companies share as well as common mistakes made by those that failed to make the... »

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