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Report From Next Gen Customer Delivery 2017
By:Mario Matulich, Executive Dir Customer Management Practice, IQPC |21.03.2017

Mario Matulich, executive director of customer management practice with IQPC, shares some of the themes discussed at the Next Gen Customer Delivery show in Palm Springs, and reveals plans for next year's event. [Run Time (Min.): 6.49] »

Revolutionizing Supply Chain Planning
By:Russell Goodman, Editor-in-Chief, SupplyChainBrain |13.02.2017

A conversation with executives at Kinaxis, a developer of supply-chain planning systems, and customers who say that the company's RapidResponse tool has greatly enabled their supply-chain processes from end to end. [Run Time (Min.): 16:01] »

The Role of IT as Competitive Global SCM Strategy
By:Zoltan Pekar, VP of the Global SC Division, Roland DG Corp. |02.02.2017

Zoltan Pekar, VP of the Global SC Division, Roland DG Corp., shows how his company reduced planning time of one month to two weeks, and is looking to cut that in half. [Run Time (Min.): 7:21] »

Trends in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains
By:Jim Calarese, Dir. of Supply Chain Systems, Sanofi Genzyme |02.02.2017

Jim Calarese, Dir. of Supply Chain Systems, Sanofi Genzyme, highlights the planning challenges that resulted when Sanofi acquired Genzyme in 2011 and combined their supply chains. [Run Time (Min.): 9:32] »

Strategies for Effective Knowledge Transfer
By:Sarah Sedgman, Chief Knowledge Officer, Kinaxis |01.02.2017

Digital technology has drastically altered how employees teach, learn and share knowledge. Sarah Sedgman, Kinaxis Chief Knowledge Officer, details the transformation in the workplace. [Run Time (Min.): 11:12] »

Supply Chain Centers of Excellence & Customer Success
By:Leah McGuire, Dir. of Center of Excellence, Kinaxis |01.02.2017

A top-notch center of excellence is an internal unit that supports and bring best practices to teams in project development, sales and in the field, says Leah McGuire, Director of the Kinaxis Center of Excellence. [Run Time (Min.): 5:20] »

Taming Supply Chain Complexity
By:Alex Brown, VP of Supply Chain, Xilinx |01.02.2017

It's crucial to reduce the number of suppliers, have a deep relationship with those remaining, and help customers manage their planning, says Alex Brown, VP of Supply Chain at Xilinx. [Run Time (Min.): 11:30] »

Improving Production Planning Efficiency
By:Jenny Balderrama, Production Planner, Keysight Technologies |31.01.2017

Because demand is always changing, says Jenny Balderrama, Production Planner at Keysight Technologies, an HP spinoff, innovation becomes a key supply chain goal. [Run Time (Min.): 8:28] »

Long-Term Product Vision & Strategy
By:Jack Noppe, Chief Technology Officer, Kinaxis |31.01.2017

With concurrent planning, all functions and departments plan in concert, says Jack Noppe, Chief Technology Officer, Kinaxis. That leads to efficiency, optimization and responsiveness. [Run Time (Min.): 7:09] »

Revolutionizing Your Supply Chain Planning
By:John Sicard, President & CEO, Kinaxis |31.01.2017

Concurrent planning is key, says John Sicard, President & CEO of Kinaxis, because you can't optimize one link of the supply chain at a time. [Run Time (Min.): 9:43] »

Adapting Supply Chains to the Digital Phase of Business
By:Trevor Miles, VP of Thought Leadership, Kinaxis |30.01.2017

If you "lift" data from all nodes of the supply chain continuously and at the same time, you will plan properly, says Trevor Miles, Vice President of Thought Leadership at Kinaxis. [Run Time (Min.): 10:46] »

Continuous Sales and Operations Planning Process at TE Connectivity
By:Lindsey Kathmann, Supply Chain Analyst, TE Connectivity |30.01.2017

Lindsey Kathmann, Supply Chain Analyst, TE Connectivity, highlights the supply chain transformation at this high-tech electronics manufacturer. [Run Time (Min.): 7:46] »

Creating Global Data Standards
By:David G. Thomas, Director, Global Capacity Planning, Ford Motor Co. |30.01.2017

David G. Thomas, Director, Global Capacity Planning, Ford Motor Co., explains how a 100-year-old company combined data from entirely separate plants, suppliers and customer bases. [Run Times (Min.): 14:12] »

The Future of Supply-Chain Talent
By:Bob Bowman, Managing Editor, SupplyChainBrain |17.01.2017

When it comes to securing supply-chain talent, the needs of global companies are changing dramatically. Experts discuss the capabilities and training that tomorrow's professionals will have to possess, in order to meet new challenges driven by increasing complexity, heightened customer demands and... »

Retail: Transportation, Tech & Other Trends
By:Russell Goodman, Editor-in-Chief, SupplyChainBrain |03.01.2017

While sustainable transportation is top of mind for many retailers, they also are concerned about site selection, visibility, omnichannel, reverse logistics, risk, cloud services and hiring the disabled. A SupplyChainBrain In The Know video presentation. [Run Time (Min.): 11:12] »

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