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Technology Disruption & the Supply Chain of the Future
By:Steve Dean, Sr. VP of Sales, Con-way Freight |17.04.2015

Steve Dean, senior vice president of sales for Con-way Freight, described the impact that emerging technologies, such as drone delivery, 3-D printing and avionics are having on supply chains. [Run Time (Min.): 9:16] »

Reducing Distribution Costs
By:Chris Kearns, VP, Business Development, Taylored Services |17.04.2015

Technology is enabling the elimination of costs in distribution in a number of areas, says Chris Kearns, vice president of business development for Taylored Services. [Run Time (Min.): 7:56] »

The Industrial Internet of Things
By:Greg Scheu, President, Americas, ABB |17.04.2015

Greg Scheu, president, Americas, ABB, details the security and data needs that connected plants need to drive business value. [Run Time (Min.): 7:37] »

Risks & Opportunities When Trading with Latin America
By:Nelson R. Cabrera, Director, Business Development, Lilly & Associates Int'l. |16.04.2015

Politics and logistics headaches can bedevil business with Latin America, but each nation must be assessed on its own, says Nelson R. Cabrera, director of business development at Lilly & Associates International. [Run Time (Min.): 10:52] »

Pallets to Stores, Boxes to Doors
By:Piyush Sampat, Principal, Deloitte Consulting's Retail Supply Chain Practice |16.04.2015

Piyush Sampat, principal with Deloitte Consulting's Retail Supply Chain Practice, details the challenges facing retailers as they align their supply chains to support multiple sales channels. [Run Time (Min.): 8:33] »

Emerging Technologies Transform the Retail Supply Chain
By:Britt Dayton, Director, Deloitte Consulting |16.04.2015

Britt Dayton, director of Deloitte Consulting, details what supply chain professionals should know about digital manufacturing, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and robotics. [Run Time (Min.): 10:31] »

Prescriptive Analytics in Retail
By:Guy Yehiav, CEO, Profitect |15.04.2015

Don't just file reports, proactively inform people about what action to take, says Guy Yehiav, CEO of Profitect. [Run Time (Min.): 8:47] »

Managing Food Traceability in Retail
By:Rik Schrader, VP, Global Sales, NCR |15.04.2015

With so many touch points where food safety can be compromised, retailers need to effectively manage food traceability and employ best practices, says Rik Schrader, vice president of global sales at NCR. [Run Time (Min.): 12:12] »

PortMiami's Model for Dynamic FTZs
By:Eric Olafson, Manager, Cargo Development, PortMiami |15.04.2015

Export of tropical plants, refurbished yachts and medical instruments destined for Latin America are just some of the new developments at PortMiami's foreign trade zone, says Eric Olafson, manager of cargo development. [Run Time (Min.): 7:12] »

Justifying the Expense of Faster Fulfillment
By:Andrew J. Breckenridge, EVP, Fortna |14.04.2015

Failing to move fast on making necessary investment in fulfillment technology is bound to cause you to fail, says Andrew J. Breckenridge, executive vice president, Fortna. [Run Time (Min.): 10:16] »

Implications of Omnichannel to the CPG Supply Chain
By:Tom Wrobleski, EVP, Industry Supply Chains, Chainalytics |14.04.2015

CPG manufacturers have to be involved in omnichannel fulfillment, and the challenges and risk need to be dealt with head on, says Tom Wrobleski, executive vice president of industry supply chains for Chainalytics. [Run Time (Min.): 9:47] »

Custom Dedicated and Integration of Services
By:Russ Miceli, VP of Sales, A. Duie Pyle |14.04.2015

Given the complexities of transportation, warehousing and distribution, retailers should consider a custom dedicated operation, says Russ Miceli, vice president of sales, A. Duie Pyle. [Run Time (Min.): 9:25] »

10 Years After: How Close Are We to True Demand-Driven Supply Chains?
By:Roddy Martin, Managing Director, Accenture Supply Chain Strategies |09.01.2015

It's been about a decade since companies began talking about the dream of a truly "demand-driven" supply chain. How far have we come? Roddy Martin, managing director of Accenture Supply Chain Strategies, provides a progress report. [Run Time (Min.): 11:43] »

Schneider Electric: A Global Vision of Supply-Chain Excellence
By:Alain Huillet, Program Director, Schneider Electric |09.01.2015

Alain Huillet, program director with Schneider Electric, relates his company's journey toward achieving true end-to-end supply-chain visibility. [Run Time (Min.): 9:29] »

Supply Chains of the Future: Where Will We Get the Talent?
By:Benji Green, Trevor Miles and Roddy Martin |08.01.2015

Companies are desperate for new talent to help them achieve supply-chain excellence, as they grapple with ever-larger volumes of data and increasing unpredictability in consumer markets. A SupplyChainBrain Roundable discussion with Benji Green, director of global supply chain operations with Avaya;... »

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