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Challenges of Serving the Omnichannel
By:Joe Puleo, Chief Customer Officer, DHL Supply Chain |15.06.2017

Joseph Puleo, chief customer officer with DHL Supply Chain, outlines the challenges that both mature retailers and smaller players face in meeting the demands of the omnichannel and e-commerce today - and where logistics service providers fit into the picture. [Run Time Min.): 8:56] »

The Changing Role of Logistics Service Providers
By:Robert J. Bowman, Managing Editor, SupplyChainBrain |13.06.2017

With the advent of the omnichannel, and the increasing complexity of global supply chains, logistics service providers are finding it essential to radically redefine their roles and offer a range of new solutions to shippers. In this special "In the Know" presentation, we get a... »

Making Sense of the Internet of Things
By:Robert J. Bowman, Managing Editor, SupplyChainBrain |30.05.2017

Industry experts talk about how the Internet of Things is transforming key processes within multiple areas of the supply chain. Managers are gaining access to an unprecedented amount of real-time data. But they also face the challenge of sifting through a flood of information. A SupplyChainBrain... »

Efficiency & Sustainability in Freight Management at Whirlpool
By:Kara Hegg, Head of North America Carrier Management, Whirlpool |23.05.2017

Whirlpool rewards members of its carrier base that employ fuel-saving processes, says Kara Hegg, head of North America carrier management for the appliance manufacturer. [Run Time (Min.): 5:58] »

Bacardi's Green Transportation Program
By:Frederick Stromeyer, Transportation Director, Bacardi |23.05.2017

The 'Good Spirted Program' is designed to reduce Bacardi's carbon footprint in packaging, operations and logistics, says Frederick Stromeyer, transportation director. [Run Time (Min.): 8:01] »

Green Freight Management at CSCMP
By:Rick Blasgen, President, CSCMP |23.05.2017

Not only does the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals educate members on sustainable freight movement, it has its own carbon-reduction initiatives it must follow, says CSCMP President Rick Blasgen. [Run Time (Min.): 6:32] »

The Importance of Green Freight
By:Michelle Livingstone, VP, Supply Chain-Transportation, Home Depot |18.05.2017

By reducing transportation spend through its partnership with the EPA's SmartWay program, Home Depot is able to pass savings along to customers, says Michelle Livingstone, Vice President, Supply Chain-Transportation at the home-improvement retailer. [Run Time (Min.): 7:28] »

The Significance of a Green Freight Policy
By:Brent Hudspeth, VP, Transportation Management, Transplace |18.05.2017

In order to integrate new processes for the benefit of its customers, Transplace was one of the earliest partners of the EPA's SmartWay program, says Brent Hudspeth, the provider's vice president of transportation management. [Run Time (Min.): 8:00] »

Challenges in Managing Freight Efficiency
By:Chris Schomberg, Logistics Manager, Meijer |17.05.2017

Using EPA SmartWay-certified trucks has enabled Meijer to meet regulatory challenges, says Chris Schomberg, logistics manager for the grocery chain. [Run Time (Min.): 4:45] »

How Green Freight Policy Benefits Your Company
By:Elena Craft, Senior Scientist, EDF |17.05.2017

Achieving a sustainable freight transportation system requires data capture, appropriate metrics and 'smart' analysis, says Elena Craft, EDF senior scientist. [Run Time (Min.): 6:50]   »

Sustainability & Retail Freight Transportation
By:Jess Dankert, Senior Dir. of Retail Operations & Supply Chain, RILA |17.05.2017

For retail, transportation is more complex than ever, says Jess Dankert, senior director of retail operations and supply chain at RILA. The EPA SmartWay program helps rein in costs. [Run Time (Min.): 8:23] »

Companies Undergoing Digitization Need Protection Against Cyber Attacks
By:Russell Goodman, Editor-in-Chief, SupplyChainBrain |27.04.2017

The Industrial Internet of Things holds great promise for manufacturing and a number of verticals, but experts warn that we are not paying sufficient attention to securing interconnected systems. [Run Time (Min.): 10:33] »

Why Are Traditional Retailers Failing?
By:Keith Phillips, President & CEO, Voxware |27.04.2017

The last 12-18 months have seen the failure of multiple stores and retail chains. Can they survive the challenge of Amazon and other e-commerce specialists? Keith Phillips, president and chief executive officer of Voxware, offers his perspective. [Run Time (Min.): 10:52] »

Report From Next Gen Customer Delivery 2017
By:Mario Matulich, Executive Dir Customer Management Practice, IQPC |21.03.2017

Mario Matulich, executive director of customer management practice with IQPC, shares some of the themes discussed at the Next Gen Customer Delivery show in Palm Springs, and reveals plans for next year's event. [Run Time (Min.): 6.49] »

Revolutionizing Supply Chain Planning
By:Russell Goodman, Editor-in-Chief, SupplyChainBrain |13.02.2017

A conversation with executives at Kinaxis, a developer of supply-chain planning systems, and customers who say that the company's RapidResponse tool has greatly enabled their supply-chain processes from end to end. [Run Time (Min.): 16:01] »

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