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EMC2 Ensures Business Continuity Through Risk Management
By:Matt Mills, Senior Program Manager, Global Supply Chain, EMC2 |26.05.2016

Matt Mills, senior program manager for global supply chain with EMC2, reveals how his company has developed an effective program for managing risk. [Run Time (Min.): 11:24] »

The Maturing of Risk Management at IBM
By:Louis Ferretti, Project Executive - Global Procurement, IBM |25.05.2016

Louis Ferretti, project executive for global procurement with IBM, traces the history of the company's risk-management initiative, to its current use of sophisticated technology and business processes. [Run Time (Min.): 8:53] »

Boston Scientific: How the Life Sciences Sector Addresses Risk Management
By:Michael Landberg, Strategic Global Sourcing Manager, Boston Scientific |25.05.2016

Michael Landberg, strategic global sourcing manager at Boston Scientific, describes how a major player in the life-sciences sector approaches the critical issue of risk management. [Run Time (Min.): 8:17] »

ThermoFisher Scientific: Why Good Risk Management Is Crucial to Product Quality
By:Lee Young, Director, Supplier Quality, ThermoFisher Scientific |25.05.2016

Lee Young, director of supplier quality with ThermoFisher Scientific, discusses how technology and business-process change have helped the company to tighten up its risk-management program. [Run Time (Min.): 10:17] »

The Latest in Delivery Tracking Software
By:Sebastian Ojeda, CEO, Beetrack |24.05.2016

Home delivery is the only touch point with the customer in e-commerce sales, says Sebastian Ojeda, CEO of Beetrack, so delivery-tracking software is very important. [Run Time (Min.): 4:44] »

Groupe Dynamite: A Global Player in the World of 'Fast Fashion'
By:Isabelle Rousseau, Director, Allocation, Groupe Dynamite |24.05.2016

As a seller of apparel around the world, Groupe Dynamite must adapt to multiple seasons, cultural traditions and consumer taste. Isabelle Rousseau, director of allocation, talks about how the company automated its forecasting and inventory allocation processes. [Run Time (Min.): 5:25] »

Why You Need a Regional Carrier
By:Frank Limbaugh, VP, Sales & Marketing, LSO |23.05.2016

A regional carrier has to provide many services, be quick and be flexible, all while saving costs, says Frank Limbaugh, vice president of sales and marketing at LSO. [Run Time (Min.): 5:28] »

Challenges of Cross-Border E-commerce in Ukraine & Eastern Europe
By:Katya Bezyuk, Global Business Development Director, Nova Poshta International |23.05.2016

Ukrainians are eager to conduct e-commerce with Western retailers, but many of those companies don't ship directly to East European nations, says Katya Bezyuk, global business development director for Nova Poshta International. [Run Time (Min.): 7:35] »

What Does the New Customer Want?
By:Pablo Godoy, CEO, |23.05.2016

Pablo Godoy, CEO of, discusses how to meet the high expectations of the 'new customer' that consumer whose wants have been formed by social media. [Run Time (Min.): 6:18] »

Supply Chain Velocity: Why the U.S.-Canada Border Works
By:Georges Lemieux & Amy Bales |20.05.2016

Newcomers to U.S.-Canada trade, the world's largest commercial partnership, need quality brokers, forwarders and logistics partners, say Georges Lemieux, Consul & Sr. Trade Commissioner, Canada, and Amy Bales, Dir., Trade Compliance, UCI-Fram Autobrands. [Run Time (Min.): 13:41] »

The Importance of T-TIP to Trans-Atlantic Trade
By:Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, British Consul General |20.05.2016

The proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a trade agreement for the 21st Century, says Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, British Consul General. The hope is that it will become the model for regulatory harmonization worldwide. [Run Time (Min.): 8:05] »

Customer Expectations in Last-Mile Delivery
By:Lior Sion, CTO & Co-founder, Bringg |20.05.2016

When we meet high customer expectations, we drive them higher, says Lior Sion, CTO and co-founder of Bringg. A retailer's back-end operations have to be sophisticated and complex while the front end is elegant and simple. [Run Time (Min.): 5:12] »

Developments & Trends in Home Delivery
By:Chris Jones, EVP, Marketing & Services, Descartes |19.05.2016

The last mile is the last word, says Chris Jones, EVP, Marketing & Services at Descartes. Focus more on the delivery experience than on the delivery service. [Run Time (Min.): 8:07] »

Why You Must Attend Home Delivery World
By:Martin Kelly, Managing Director-Americas, Terrapinn |19.05.2016

Now in its fourth year, Home Delivery World is the only event focused solely on last-mile delivery, says Martin Kelly, Managing Director-Americas for Terrapinn, the event organizer. [Run Time (Min.): 5:42] »

The Final Word on Final Home Delivery
By:Brian Tennant, General Manager, Last Mile Home |19.05.2016

Retailers differentiate themselves with delivery options, says Brian Tennant, general manager, Last Mile Home, but they must understand the customer experience is only as good as the delivery experience. [Run Time (Min.): 5:57] »

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