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Why India and China May Be the Solution to the World's Fast Fashion Crisis Why India and China May Be the Solution to the World's Fast Fashion Crisis
Consumers these days are no longer strangers to the dark underbelly of the $3tr fashion industry. The textile and garment industry, second only to oil in its polluting... »

Top Five Cargo Communities Improve Supply Chain Speed, Accuracy
Less than five years ago, the idea of a "cargo community" at an airport was little more than an attempt by various cargo executives to know all the names up and down the... »

New Zealand Farm Cuts Water and Energy Consumption With IoT
New Zealand agriculture technology company WaterForce is providing an Internet of Things-based water-management and irrigation system for New Zealand farms using sensor... »

How 3PLs are Responding to the 'Amazon Effect' and Other Market Trends
The Amazon effect is raising consumer expectations for delivery services and logistics providers are struggling to meet those expectations without degrading margins, says... »

Supply Chain Challenges in Emerging Markets
Global companies increasingly are viewing emerging markets not only as a source of supply but also as consumer markets. Clive Geldard, group vice president for retail and... »

The Global Footprint of Asian Supply Chains
In discussing outsourcing, standards and risk, Charlie Villasenor, president and CEO of the Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia, describes the growing footprint of the... »

Editors' Blog
TPP: A New Era of Trade, or the Monster Spawn of Nafta?
Can we predict the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by examining the track record of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta)? Well, maybe.... »

Global Trade Pacts Raise Unanswered Questions
Negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership have at long last come to a successful end. But ratification of the agreement is far from assured - and some key questions... »

For Trade Agreement Backers, It's a Slow Path to Fast Track
On Capitol Hill right now, "fast-track" is the slowest thing going.... »

Welcome to the Age of 'The Universal Trade War' Welcome to the Age of 'The Universal Trade War'
Forget about trade friction between the U.S. and China. Now it's a global trade war.... »

Is American Manufacturing Really Coming Home? Is American Manufacturing Really Coming Home?
Is the reshoring trend for real?... »

North Korean Workers Prep Seafood Going to U.S. Stores, Restaurants
The workers wake up each morning on metal bunk beds in fluorescent-lit Chinese dormitories, North Koreans outsourced by their government to process seafood that ends up in... »

The 'Smartphone Effect' Is Weakening, Economists Say The 'Smartphone Effect' Is Weakening, Economists Say
The rush to upgrade smartphones may be ebbing, prompting economists to dial back the outlook for Asian exporters.... »

China's Harsh Words Mask a Trade Boom With South Korea China's Harsh Words Mask a Trade Boom With South Korea
Forget geopolitics: Leo Li, a 33-year-old language teacher in China, wants his essence of South Korean snail slime.... »

White Papers
A New Metric for Measuring Supply Chain Resiliency
An Introduction to Resilinc R Score and its Application to the High-Tech Industry Supply Chain... »

Port of NANSHA Emerges as the Jewel of the West Pearl River Delta
The ever-increasing complexity and time-sensitivity of current international supply chain operations means that shippers should be increasing their options, and that means in... »

The Loyal Millennial Shopper? No Longer a Pipe Dream for Grocers
Learn how you can: Provide an integrated, seamless, true omnichannel experience for your customers Create, strengthen and maintain shopper loyalty, especially among... »

Supplier Case Studies
Import of Paper for Worldwide Destinations
Challenge: In a world where speed continues to gain in importance, customers expect their ordered products to be delivered quickly. As a result of digitalization, the client... »

Exporting Pears from Antwerp to China
Challenge: The conference pear is firm and well suited to export, but short transit times are nevertheless very important. Also, the cost of transport plays an important... »

MGO's Early Warnings Would Have Saved Investors in Myanmar Aviation
Challenge: On July 30, 2014, 11 months after trumpeting its plan to invest $25 million in Myanmar's Asian Wings Airways, All Nippon Airways walked away. From the start, local... »

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