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Featured Content
New Online Platform Aims to Expedite Freight Remediation
Every year American manufacturers collectively incur billions of dollars in losses as a result of goods that are damaged during transport by freight shippers. That's why... »

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Exporting to Canada How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Exporting to Canada
First-time exporters in the U.S. understandably find Canada to be an attractive market, but cross-border trade between the two is far from simple.... »

Nixing of Keystone Pipeline Could Be Boon for Railroad Transport Nixing of Keystone Pipeline Could Be Boon for Railroad Transport
President Obama's decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline could come with a heavy side of tank cars. Canadian energy companies need about a dozen crude-laden trains each... »

Supply Chain Velocity: Why the U.S.-Canada Border Works
Newcomers to U.S.-Canada trade, the world's largest commercial partnership, need quality brokers, forwarders and logistics partners, say Georges Lemieux, Consul & Sr.... »

The Rise of Trade With Canada and Mexico The Rise of Trade With Canada and Mexico
The return of some manufacturing capacity from China has fueled economic growth in Mexico and Canada. John Kelly, president of the Canadian Division of Transplace, outlines... »

Calgary, Western Canada's Leading Distribution Hub
Astride the junction of the CANAMEX Trade Corridor and the Trans-Canada Highway, Calgary is a natural distribution hub, says Tom Dixon, business development manager for real... »

Editors' Blog
Nafta 2.0: Will the Trump Administration's 'Wish List' Be Granted?
The North American Free Trade Agreement is back on the table. Will the patient survive?... »

The Re-shoring Debate: Sentiment or Hard Numbers?
As manufacturers consider shifting production from China back to the West, the U.S. could become an economically viable alternative faster than you think.... »

What to Expect From Nafta 2.0 What to Expect From Nafta 2.0
Can the North American Free Trade Agreement be saved?... »

Best Practices for E-Commerce Shipments to Canada Best Practices for E-Commerce Shipments to Canada
The boom in e-commerce is a global phenomenon, but each country has its own unique requirements for ensuring the smooth flow of shipments to the buyer.... »

U.S. Agriculture Challenged by Aging Infrastructure
The Coalition for America's Gateways and Trade Corridors (CAGTC) has released its second in a series of whitepapers that explores why national freight infrastructure must be... »

Forest Fires Drive Up Timber Prices
Wildfires in Canada have forced the shutdown of several sawmills, resulting in a hike in timber prices and further pressure on an industry already hit by U.S. duties.... »

Transpod Targets 2020 for Deployment of Freight-Based Hyperloop
Imagine you could travel from Montreal to Toronto in 30 minutes after buying a ticket to ride inside an aluminum pod that travelled at high speed inside a low-pressure tube.... »

White Papers
Agile Sensing and Responding in Food and Beverage
Food and beverage manufacturing and distribution companies are facing a perfect storm of changing demand and expectations. At the same time, innovative products, producers,... »

Digital Transformation of the Chemical Industry
In today's highly regulated and competitive environment, successful chemicals companies must be able to quickly create and produce new products to meet consumer trends and... »

The Value of Supply Chain Planning in Process Manufacturing
As a process manufacturer you deal more with demand complexity than supply complexity. It's all about how well you can forecast and then deliver to demand. IDC predicts that... »

Supplier Case Studies
Scaling For 10x Growth and the Complexities of Multimodal Logistics
Challenge: Handling multimodal logistics over a period of rapid growth with spreadsheets and whiteboards. That was the challenge that faced an American crude oil logistics... »

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