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Real-time Location Systems Take Asset Tracking To New Level

Technology that uses radio frequency identification devices and remote readers to track inventory and other assets in real time is just beginning to gain traction within large companies, but real-time location systems have many uses within the supply chain and may eventually become a standard part...[more]

Dunlop Stops 'Pushing' Tires At Plant in South Africa

Out of step with the "pull" of market demand, the manufacturer found that inventory optimization software enabled it to roll out more accurate forecasts.[more]

Fast Deployment, Quick Return Help Sell IT in a Slow Economy

Today's buyer of supply-chain software and hardware, working from a limited budget, demands rapid implementation and demonstrated benefits.[more]

Supply-chain Reorganization Is the New Flavor At Ocean Spray

The juice and fruit product cooperative found that letting each of its four plant/distribution centers handle logistics matters independently was not a formula for success.[more]

Sourcing Strategic Materials Online

Most companies have focused their e-procurement efforts on indirect materials, but the greatest potential for savings is in the much larger category of direct, strategic goods. New software tools are helping manufacturers move this more complex process online.[more]

Alliance Management: Making the Right Moves - with Your Partners

The ability to manage all of one's alliance partners doesn't happen overnight. And with so many different terminologies, protocols and systems, many partners are falling down on the job.[more]

Forget the 'E'! C-Commerce Is The Next Big Thing

If the experts are right, Collaborative Commerce is the next big thing in e-business transformation. Cultural and organizational barriers are high, but early adopters of collaborative models are sure to gain huge competitive advantage.[more]

Levi Strauss Revamps Value-Channel Supply Chain to Keep Pace With Outlet Shoppers

As off-price stores moved upscale in recent years with the creation of attractive, shopper-friendly outlet malls, the demands of consumers and value retailers changed. Low prices were still expected, but shoppers also wanted a better selection of style and colors. To meet this need, Levi Strauss...[more]

The Supply Chain e-Business Top 100

Presenting our first annual list of leading-edge vendors whose applications can power productivity improvement across your supply chain. [more]

Start-up in The Best Of Health After Outsourcing Logistics

When newcomer TheraSense decided to market its glucose monitoring technology in a field already crowded with brand-name players, its executives figured that order management and fulfillment were the last things they needed to worry about.[more]

From Cash to Cash: The Ultimate Supply-Chain Measurement Tool

Companies on the cutting edge are searching for ways to reduce the time it takes to convert a dollar of expenditure into a dollar of revenue. The technology is there to help keep tabs on cash as it moves through the pipeline.[more]

Say Good-bye to the Weakest Link With Supply-Chain Metrics

More than just numbers, metrics can bring a balance to an enterprise's pipeline. But be careful. An improper analysis of data can lead to an unintended action plan.[more]

Public E-marketplaces Lose Momentum, So Vendors Focus on Private Networks

Company operated vertical exchanges that take a one-to-many approach are stealing the spotlight from the many-to-many e-marketplaces which proliferated last year. It is these private exchanges that will handle the bulk of B2B internet commerce in coming years, analysts say. [more]

Clarity Brought to Window Maker's Supply Chain

Unreliable advance planning in the building trades, multiple manufacturing sites and the fragile nature of its products were just some of the logistics challenges faced by Pella Corp. It needed a total set of logistics solutions throughout its widespread enterprise. [more]

So How Do You Know Employees Are Productive?

In many cases, manufacturers, distributors and warehouse managers already have squeezed just about all the costs out of the supply chain. Now labor management strategy software can help measure the productivity of the work force itself.[more]

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