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Ford Develops Different Kind of Engine - One That Powers the Supply Chain

Unlike sequence-based tools for optimizing supply-chain operations, Ford's Inbound Planning Engine evaluates numerous factors simultaneously. Already, it is increasing frequency of parts deliveries to plants without adding to total costs.[more]

Supply Chains Learn to Change, Then - They Change Again

Nothing is constant when the unpredictable customer rules. Companies must embrace variability, by working with channel partners to build agile supply chains.[more]

Supply-Chain Collaboration Much More Than Mere Information Sharing

It may be an old concept, but the internet, new software solutions and growing competitive pressures are giving "collaboration" a new and much deeper definition.[more]

Hitachi Data Moves to the Heartland for Faster Distribution

For 20 years, the high-end data storage system and server assembler had used DCs on each coast. But a self-imposed $1m penalty for unavailability of parts required a faster logistics network. Indianapolis was the answer. [more]

Build-to-Order Can Result In Tailor-Made Success

An assemble-to-order business model can give customers the choice and variety they are demanding, while helping manufacturers eliminate inventory risk and better respond to fast-changing markets. However, it is not for the faint-hearted.[more]

Quality Is Not Just a Buzzword Or Fad, It's Required For Success

Motorola, Honeywell, Kodak and General Electric all have embraced Six Sigma quality programs as a way to achieve operating and supply-chain excellence.[more]

Amazon.com Sees Supply-chain As Crucial To Its Future

Key Amazon.com executives in Seattle and Europe - including founder Jeff Bezos - talk about how the company's supply-chain strategies and fledgling European operations are shaping its prospects. [more]

Just What Is a 4PL Anyway?

Consultants and 3PLs differ on whether the trademarked term is a distinction without a difference, but they agree that there is a real need for a "supermanager" to run a company's logistics, knowledge base and IT systems. [more]

Finance and Logistics: Across the Great Divide

Companies have done a decent job of managing the flow of product and information. But in ignoring the financial end, they are overlooking something just as important.[more]

Webvan: Rewriting The Rules On 'Last Mile' Delivery

Webvan Corp., with the help of its technology partners, has broken the code on guaranteed, self-scheduled home delivery. Here's how it gets the goods delivered within a promised 30-minute window and where it plans to take that achievement. [more]

A Fertile Ground For Efficient Supply Chains

A series of successful logistics partnerships belies Latin America's reputation for poor communications, outdated infrastructure and unreliable service. [more]

P&G: The Global Giant Starts Small, Grows Fast

It's not easy to think of Procter & Gamble as a small company. But that's a fair description of the multinational's market position in Chile just two years ago.Cincinnati, Ohio-based P&G had been involved in a joint venture with a local Chilean paper company for the distribution of diapers and...[more]

Dana: Distance No Barrier To Serving the U.S.

One of the unwritten laws of third-party logistics might be: Never say no to new business. Even if you have only two days in which to take over a big account.C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc., the freight forwarder and logistics provider based in Eden Prairie, Minn., had been courting the business of...[more]

Lucent, TMA: The Secret Is Dedicated Equipment

A third-party logistics provider and truckload carrier are working together to solve problems of equipment balance and availability in Mexico.The 3PL, Transportation Management Associates Inc. (TMA) of Mocksville, N.C., relies on the trailer-pool and haulage services of Joplin, Mo.-based Contract...[more]

Sony: Ramping Up for Big Growth in Sales

Companies need quick solutions in order to keep pace with rapid growth. In the case of Sony's operations in Mexico, the time between negotiations and the opening of a new distribution center was less than four months.The Sony supply chain might have seemed sufficient to the casual observer. Prior...[more]

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