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For Logistics Providers, The Bar Is Being Raised

Never mind the thriving economy. U.S. manufacturers and distributors are more demanding of service quality - and less tolerant of failure - than ever before. [more]

HP Pushes Aside Obstacles in India

Few countries pose a greater number of unique challenges to logistics professionals than India. Its population of more than 984m offers a huge opportunity for foreign suppliers. But getting product to market is a formidable task.Darien, Conn.-based AEI Corp. has extensive logistics operations in...[more]

Osram's Supply Chain Is as Clear as Glass

With all of the changes that Osram Sylvania Products Inc. has undergone in the last 40 years, it's no surprise that the company would have built up a veritable army of logistics providers around the world.The well-known maker of lighting products has had several ownership changes over the years....[more]

Logistics in Europe: Tear Up the Old Maps

With economic unification and the debut of the euro, the continent has a whole new look. Shippers are turning to third parties to cope with the changes. [more]

Third-Party Business: Dream or Nightmare?

If selling software to individual companies is like fishing for trout, then selling to a third-party logistics provider would be like hooking a whale.That's how Renaissance Software Inc. must have felt when it secured Air Express International (AEI) as the first 3PL user of its warehousing software...[more]

Creating Value in a Price-Sensitive World

Companies in a true supply-chain partnership are a bit like couples who have lived together for years and find themselves completing each other's sentences. A good provider can anticipate the customer's needs - often before the customer knows what they are.Or so believes Amkor Technology Inc.,...[more]

Always a First Time For Just-in-Time

It's hard to say no to IBM. So when the giant computer maker told all of its monitor suppliers to implement a just-in-time delivery model with a maximum response time of 48 hours, Lite-On Technologies Corp. didn't hesitate for a moment.With headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, Lite-On claims to be the...[more]

In Malaysia, It's Not Easy Being Green

When venturing into a new territory, one should seek out supply-chain partners with deep experience in that area. Or so goes conventional wisdom.When Mayne Nickless Logistics set out to establish a Malaysian operation, it turned to a warehouse management system (WMS) vendor that was just as green...[more]

Despite Obstacles, Shippers Score Successes in Asia

Partnerships are the key to introducing supply-chain innovations, reducing inventory and coping with a shortage of modern infrastructure. [more]

The New Vendor Hub: One Step Beyond

Manufacturers are stepping up the pressure on vendors to participate in just-in-time delivery programs. Those that refuse - never mind the difficulty of compliance - are likely to lose the business.It's a familiar story to Roberts, Stephens, Van Amburg Packaging (RSVP) Inc. In 1997, the Soquel,...[more]

Wyse Technology: Ballad Of a Thin Client

Wyse Technology would have gotten around to outsourcing its logistics functions eventually. But the Y2K crisis hastened the decision.With dual headquarters in San Jose, Calif. and Hsin Chu, Taiwan, Wyse is among the leading providers of so-called "thin client" technology - network computer...[more]

Xylan Corp.: A Company At the Crossroads

Xylan Corp. is a small company on the verge of becoming big. For Catherine McCallum, traffic manager of worldwide logistics, that has meant forging a supply chain that can handle rapid growth in an industry with near-unlimited potential.Tucked away in Calabasas, just over the mountains north of Los...[more]

Nike Eliminates Its Hong Kong Headaches

Until recently, U.S. manufacturers in China had no choice but to ship their exports out of Hong Kong. But as Nike Inc. recently found out, that's hardly the case today.Nike has cut the cost of shipping Chinese-made footwear by moving it through the Port of Mawei. That's the closest Chinese port to...[more]

MedSurg Finds a Niche In Surgical Supplies

Considering what MedSurg Industries is up against in the surgical-supply business, it needs all the help it can get.MedSurg, the Herndon, Va.-based division of Isolyser Co. Inc., has found its niche in the customized surgical tray market. It makes kits containing everything a surgeon requires to...[more]

Hub Group Taps into Guinness Supply Chain

The most successful supply-chain partnerships often begin slowly.Eight years ago, Hub Group Inc. started out handling just one product line of the Guinness Import Co. - shipments of Moosehead beer from Canada into the U.S. But as Guinness's American sales grew, so did Hub's share of the...[more]

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