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Case Study Sample

150-word Case Study Sample Text 1*
Category: Technology Solutions
Solution:  Supply Chain Visibility

Headline: Mission Critical –Supply Chain Visibility Via Cloud-Based Service

Challenge: A large retail customer spent several years and millions of dollars trying to achieve end-to-end, item-level visibility across their global supply chain. After two CIOs and expensive software write-offs, they turned to our company because we offered a radical alternative to traditional software.

Solution: We delivered the entire visibility solution – the applications and the integrated partner network – as cloud-based service, with a low-risk, pay-as–you go pricing model. The customer went live in approximately six months with every partner, every supplier, every purchase order, every shipment, every trade document and every key inventory event being managed through a single cloud platform.

Results: Today, six years later, the retailer is still on our cloud service with this mission critical inventory control system. They have since tapped into it for customer order ETAs, and are looking to bring in their banks to enable advanced supply chain financing with their supply base.

*NOTE: Please do not include your customer's company name. You may simply use the term "our client", as referenced above.

150-word Case Study Sample Text 2*
Category: Industry Verticals
Solution:  Retail/CPG/Food

Headline: Aggressive Strategy Leans Out Food Supply Chain

Challenge: The client is a large, privately owned wholesaler-distributor of health and natural food products in the U.S. The company was experiencing significantly high labor costs and inefficient distribution and supply chain processes. Client turned to us to develop a supply chain strategy to meet its aggressive business goals.

Solution: Over the course of a multi-phased project, our company: provided a Material Flow Analysis and subsequently redesigned internal flow processes; helped select and implement a global Warehouse Management System (WMS); and developed a new facility layout, design and construction requirements, which consolidated operations into one distribution center.

Results: Client was able to reduce labor costs, double productivity, retain 97% of their employee base and significantly reduce employee training time. The distributor also successfully transitioned from a mechanized to non-mechanized system and from paper-based to automated processes. Importantly, the client successfully transitioned and moved operations with zero impact to customer service.

*NOTE: Please do not include your customer's company name. You may simply use the term "our client", as referenced above.