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How to Compete with Google and Apple for Millennial Supply Chain Talent

How to Compete with Google and Apple for Millennial Supply Chain Talent

Chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) say the gap between today's skill sets and those needed in three to five years is enormous. Most view access to top-tier talent as a larger barrier to innovation than access to capital. It doesn't help that supply chains are challenged to compete for talent with...[more]

Survey Says: It’s Not Your Dad’s Supply Chain Anymore

Companies adopting an intelligent operations strategy to manage their supply chains will be in the best position to succeed in the future — if they have the right talent.[more]

'No Slavery on Our Factory Floor': How Human Trafficking Laws Can Still Shut You Down

"Slavery? In my factory? There’s no way…I know who all my employees are, and I make sure they work under great conditions."[more]

At Tesla’s Factory, Building the Car of the Future Has Painful and Permanent Consequences for Workers

At Tesla’s Factory, Building the Car of the Future Has Painful and Permanent Consequences for Workers

Tesla wants to change the world by selling eco-friendly electric vehicles to the masses. But some of the workers laboring to build that dream have been hurt along the way.[more]

U.S. Job Numbers and Wage Growth Are up — but Inequality Is Also on the Rise

It’s been a long, slow recovery for U.S. workers but wages finally appear to be growing again, according to the latest jobs report released last week. But behind the headline rate the figures show — once more — that inequality is on the rise.[more]

Amazon Wants to Disrupt Healthcare in America. In China, Tech Giants Already Have.

Amazon and two other American titans are trying to shake up healthcare by experimenting with their own employees’ coverage. By Chinese standards, they’re behind the curve.[more]

Survival Strategies for Brands and Traditional Retailers

Survival Strategies for Brands and Traditional Retailers

This just in: People are still shopping in physical stores.[more]

Soaring Agave Prices Give Mexican Tequila Makers a Headache

In the heartland of the tequila industry, in Mexico’s western state of Jalisco, a worsening shortage of agave caused by mounting demand for the liquor from New York to Tokyo has many producers worried.[more]

Human Rights Abuse Persists in Thai Fishing Industry

Forced labor and other rights abuses are widespread in Thailand’s fishing fleets despite government commitments to comprehensive reforms, which in some cases have made the situation worse, Human Rights Watch said in a report released last week. [more]

DC Metrics: Change Is in the Air

People are our greatest asset. We've heard this – and similar sayings – for years. Now, however, leading firms are actually putting this into practice, and are reaping rewards for doing so. Going into 2018, people are still a critical link in the supply chain. -Donnie Williams, Asst. Professor of...[more]

Collaborative Mobile Robots Are Coming To Your Warehouse

A common question warehouse operators often ask themselves is: "what can we do to further increase productivity and efficiency?" For a while, this challenge has been met with Six Sigma methodologies to identify and eliminate waste in the process. However, one of the biggest sources of waste remains...[more]

Five Steps to Mentoring Millennials

The top challenge for Millennials is an unclear career path for upward mobility. Helping Millennials grow in their career is vital for the continued success of the firm and the individual. It fosters communication and learning opportunities for both the mentor and the mentee. -Joe Tillman, Founder...[more]

Millennials in the Supply Chain

Millennials have come of age during a time of economic uncertainty. The incoming generation of supply chain professionals is ambitious rather than entitled and willing to improve themselves to reach their goals. The SCM discipline offers an alluring crossroads of appealing compensation, long-term...[more]

Labor Forecast: Tough Recruiting with a Chance of Automation

An increasing number of companies are struggling to find quality people to fill positions in their warehouse operations. This issue is not limited to a particular region of the country or industries, but is widespread throughout the supply chain world. Forward-thinking leaders are making changes...[more]

Wanted! Supply Chain Planners

By 2030, the supply chain market labor market is estimated to experience a 20 percent shortage of trained employees. The skill gap is at the intersection of new process evolution based on emerging analytics, the evolution of blockchain, and the use of streaming data for the building of outside-in...[more]

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