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All Logistics Service Providers (3PL's) (167 Companies)
All Transportation Companies (92 Companies)
Air Freight Hubs (1 Company)
Air Freight Services (25 Companies)
Express/Small Shipment Services (7 Companies)
Value Added Services (41 Companies)
Bulk Carriers (3 Companies)
Charter Services (0 Companies)
Crossdocking (4 Companies)
Customs Broker (5 Companies)
DC Management (6 Companies)
Dedicated Contract Carriage (3 Companies)
Direct to Home (1 Company)
Direct to Store (2 Companies)
Door-to-Door Shipping (3 Companies)
Expedited (1 Company)
Facility Location Planning (15 Companies)
Final Mile (4 Companies)
Freight Consolidators (3 Companies)
Global Fulfillment and Distribution (21 Companies)
Global Logistics Providers (52 Companies)
Global Shipping (23 Companies)
Global Supply Chain Management Solutions (71 Companies)
Global Trade Services (4 Companies)
Hazmat Shipping (2 Companies)
Heavy Freight Shipping (3 Companies)
Import/Export/Customs Services (2 Companies)
JIT (4 Companies)
Lead Logistics Providers (LLPs) (8 Companies)
LTL Service Providers (48 Companies)
Material Handling/Warehouse Logistics (55 Companies)
Motor Vehicle Carriers (0 Companies)
Ocean Freight Services (27 Companies)
Overnight Shipping (0 Companies)
Perishable Shipping (1 Company)
Pick/Pack & Subassembly (4 Companies)
Rail & Intermodal Services (19 Companies)
Reverse Logistics/Product Lifecycle Management (26 Companies)
Sea Ports (19 Companies)
Serving Africa (1 Company)
Serving Asia (8 Companies)
Serving Canada (12 Companies)
Serving China (5 Companies)
Serving Eastern Europe (0 Companies)
Serving Latin America (4 Companies)
Serving Mexico (3 Companies)
Serving Southeast Asia & India (1 Company)
Serving The United States (31 Companies)
Serving Western Europe (5 Companies)
Specialists in Automotive (6 Companies)
Specialists in Aerospace & Defense (2 Companies)
Specialists in Apparel/Textile (3 Companies)
Specialists in Chemicals & Energy (0 Companies)
Specialists in Consumer Packaged Goods (4 Companies)
Specialists in Cosmetics (0 Companies)
Specialists in Food & Beverage (8 Companies)
Specialists in Furniture (1 Company)
Specialists in Healthcare (3 Companies)
Specialists in High-Tech/Electronics (7 Companies)
Specialists in Household Goods (0 Companies)
Specialists in Industrial Manufacturing (4 Companies)
Specialists in Oil & Gas (2 Companies)
Specialists in Pharmaceuticals/Bio-Tech (4 Companies)
Specialists in Refrigerated (3 Companies)
Specialists in Retail (11 Companies)
Truckload Service Providers (8 Companies)
Vendor-Managed Inventory (2 Companies)
White Glove (2 Companies)

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