Food & Beverage News — September, 2012

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How the FDA is Impacting Your
Supply Chain
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Michael Wohlwend, Vice President
SAP America, Inc.
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Serialization, Data Management Combat Counterfeiting in Food and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains
Attention is mounting by consumers, government, industry, and media to address the growing counterfeit challenges in the US.
In spite of the attention placed on this issue for almost a decade, counterfeiting has actually grown....

Food Supply Chain Sees $15Bn in Wasted Edibles Each Year, Study Finds
Grocery stores and other retail food sellers are losing as much as $15bn a year in unsold fruits and vegetables alone, with about half of the U.S. supply going uneaten, according to an analysis on food waste by the National Resources Defense Council.
The NRDC report, Wasted: How America is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill, found...

Much Work Remains to Be Done Finding Cheaper, More Sustainable Ways to Fuel Trucking
Without trucks, the supply chain would screech to a halt. Yet, the rising cost of fueling these workhorses, not to mention the toll truck emissions take on the environment and public health, are forcing shippers and carriers alike to retool their fleets.
Many trucking and logistics firms believe that without drastic changes...

Epicor, Tour de Force CRM Offer Sales Force Automation to Wholesale Distributors
Epicor Software Corp. has formed a new alliance with Tour de Force CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Inc.
The arrangement provides both CRM and sales force automation (SFA) to wholesale distributors. The Tour de Force CRM application integrates...

Because of Drought, Critics of Ethanol Policy Say, Stop Feeding Your Car Corn
The worst U.S. drought in more than half a century has rallied critics of the federal renewable fuel standard, which will reserve about 40 percent of the nation's corn crop for ethanol production this year.
Critics have long questioned the commitment of a growing share of a food source for fuel use. But the calls for change...

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