High-Tech/Electronics — December, 2012

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The Good News Is Manufacturing Is Back. The Bad News Is Robots Have the Jobs.
The discussion of American manufacturing is often a muddled one, steeped in nostalgia for a bygone era and accompanied by a certain misty-eyed conviction that it is a sector in ceaseless decline. A new study from the McKinsey Global Institute adds some welcome clarity. In 184 pages, the global consulting giant presents a picture of manufacturing as among the most dynamic sectors of the U.S. and global economies, driving higher productivity and standards of living. But it also shows that what we usually think of as a traditional manufacturing job isn’t coming back.
It is a story of robotics and other technologies...

Solution Promised to Problem of Keeping Personal, Business Data on Employees' Smartphones
Late next year, consumers will be able to buy smartphones that either come with native “hypervisor” software or use an app allowing them to run two interfaces on the phone: one for personal use, one for work.
The technology could help address an issue that has cropped up with increasing frequency at work: Employees who bring their personal mobile devices to work and use them to communicate with clients and to access corporate data. The issue can cause...

E2open Issues Update of Cloud Connectivity Model for Business Network
E2open, a vendor of software for managing global trading networks, has made available the latest version of E2 Cloud Connectivity, the underlying technology layer of the E2open Business Network.
The tool enables the mapping of transactions and data between trading partners. The update features...

Cumulative Mobile App Revenues Set to Exceed $30Bn by End of 2012
Revenues accumulated by the global mobile application market are expected to pass the $30bn milestone by the end of this year, according to new market data from ABI Research.
The cumulative revenue base includes...

Buyers Want B2B Sites to Be as User-Friendly as B2C Sites
A whopping 94 percent of B2B purchasers surveyed in the 2012 hybris State of B2B E-Commerce study said suppliers need to create an online buying experience as simple as using a B2C website. Due to outdated catalogs and a lack of B2B e-commerce functionality, two out of five survey respondents...

C.H. Robinson Unveils New Global Technology Platform
C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. has developed a new version of its global technology platform. Dubbed Navisphere, the tool provides end-to-end visibility, business processes and business intelligence. It is used by C.H. Robinson’s employees, customers and service providers to manage...

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