Chemicals + Energy — November, 2012

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OPINION: Assessing and Balancing Trade-offs in Supply Chain Optimization
Optimizing supply chain operations to cost less and be more effective has long been a top priority for businesses. Now, companies must consider new sustainability measures such as carbon. Identifying, tracking and managing supply chain emissions is quickly becoming essential to optimization efforts, with the primary goal of detecting inefficiencies in fuel, electricity and water consumption and then correcting those inefficiencies to help eliminate waste and reduce costs. But improving one benchmark in an optimization effort may adversely impact another. It’s rare that everything aligns perfectly.
Consider, for example, a choice to work with a supplier that’s offering less expensive goods. End customers likely will be happy...

Canadian Railroads Build More Terminals to Capitalize on Shipments of Crude Oil
Canadian National Railway Co. (CNR) and Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. (CP), the country’s No. 1 and 2 carriers, are rushing to build terminals to load oil beyond the reach of pipelines in some of North America’s remotest regions.
Canadian National is in talks to build more oil terminals after an agreement last month to construct a facility...

ChemLogix Launches Freight Brokerage Service to Combat Capacity Shortages
Chemlogix LLC, a provider of transportation, technology and supply-chain consulting services to the chemical industry, has launched a new freight-brokerage service.
Part of the company’s Capacity Management program, the offering is intended to address...

Is the Rail Industry Rolling Toward Powering Its Engines with Natural Gas?
On a 300-mile stretch of railroad in the plains of eastern Alberta, a test train chugs across the landscape burning a fuel that once made sense only to environmentalists. It runs on natural gas. And today, that makes sense to business leaders whose top priority is cutting costs....

LeSaint Logistics Takes Over Chemical Logistics Inc., Expands Chemical Supply Chain Offerings
LeSaint Logistics has acquired Chemical Logistics Inc., 3PL specialists in warehousing and distribution of hazmat and non-hazmat chemicals.
With the takeover, LeSaint is expected to expand its reach into markets in Dallas, Texas, and Portland, Ore., two areas where...

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