Supply Chain IT — December, 2012

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Steven LaVoie
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Enterprises Require Culture Shift Before They Can Benefit from All of Their Data
Matt Fates envisions a world where no one talks about Big Data anymore. Using the totality of an enterprise’s data to make forward-looking business decisions, develop new products, and improve marketing efficiency will be so common that there won’t be a name for it. But getting to that point, in his view, will involve a cultural shift; a change of consciousness.
“Big Data requires big change,”...

OPINION: Improve Your Supply Chain Performance with Network Analytics
In today’s rapidly changing market, companies are increasingly competing on the efficiency, effectiveness and agility of their supply chains. Much has been written about the agility of Apple’s supply chain – a recent article in The New York Times highlighted this when they described how Apple switched from plastic to glass screen six weeks before the launch – and in that time-frame they had to find a new supplier, perfect the fabrication of samples, and get to production-level volume. In a recent Gartner survey Apple was at the top of the list in key metrics, including inventory turns (Samsung's inventory turn was 17.1, while Apple's was 74.1).
The three elements of an agile and efficient supply chain are...

The Cutting Edge of Robotics in Material Handling
Dave Noble, director of sales and marketing with Seegrid Corp., offers a glimpse into the use of vision-guided robotic industrial trucks in manufacturing and distribution facilities. He also shares his view of the technology's future.
The vision-guided robotic industrial truck “is not your grandfather’s (automated guided vehicle),”...

Epicor Issues New Version of Business Intelligence App for Retail
Epicor Software Corp. has made available the latest version of Epicor Retail Business Intelligence. The update offers enhanced mobile capabilities and improved store-transfer analysis, the vendor said. It consolidates data from...

Kewill Releases New Logistics Suite With Merge-in-Transit Capability

Kewill, a specialist in software for managing global trade and logistics, has released version 6.2.2 of Kewill Logistics, the company’s transportation, warehouse and freight-management suite.
Features of the update include merge-in-transit functionality for more efficient cross-docking, localization to meet specific requirements of Germany and the Nordic countries, and electronic invoicing. The merge-in-transit element supports...

Dematic Rolls Out Tool for Remote Warehouse, Distribution Management
Dematic, a maker of logistics systems for factories, warehouses and distribution centers, has devised a new technology to allow customers to manage operations remotely.
The Dematic Mobile Monitor is a software application for monitoring and controlling...

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