Featured White Papers — February, 2011

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Procurement in the Cloud: Increasing Performance and Productivity with Cloud Business Solutions
The role, function, and influence of Procurement within the enterprise are
rapidly changing. As a result,...
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Enterprise Planning in Manufacturing: Technology and Best Practices for Better Performance
For manufacturers worldwide, today’s business climate is increasingly complex
and competitive. Manufacturers of all sizes...
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Consumer Goods Manufacturers Seek Greater Supply Chain Flexibility
Over the past few decades Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies have been forced...
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Why Now's The Time To Launch Or Reinvigorate Your B2B E-commerce Initiative. 10 Questions Every Organization Should Ask.
This document serves as a starting point, checklist, and reference guide to buyers...
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Reverse Logistics - From Black Hole to Untapped Revenue Stream
Recognizing that reverse logistics can drive real impact to the bottom line, this is an area of high priority for companies looking to reduce...
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Best Practices for Selecting ERP Software
Learn 6 best practices from Focus Experts for selecting the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for your business....
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Advanced Sourcing: Achieving the Next Level of Savings and Efficiency in Your Supply Chain
As companies continually strive to deliver ever-increasing value to shareholders, they will search out and implement new...
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The Three Biggest Mistakes in Deploying Voice Technology
While there are many successful examples of voice technology in action, unfortunately the landscape is also dotted with failed...
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How Enabling Supply Chain Visibility Can Improve the Bottom Line
Where Does it Normally Go Wrong? Supply Chain executives are under pressure to eliminate disruptions. However, it can seem...
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Seven S&OP Reports Every Manufacturing Executive Needs
Manufacturers today are under intense pressure to improve service, create innovative new products, and speed delivery. To accomplish this...
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Supply Chains - Where to Find the Biggest, Fastest Transportation Savings
This paper examines the types of optimization that could apply to any company that spends at least $1 million in transportation annually....
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Elevate Your E.R.P. Game: 5 Best Practices to Build an Intelligent Company
Improve your company’s Business Intelligence Quotient (BIQ) and make your data actionable....
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Integrating Contract Packaging into Logistics Operations
Performing final packaging in the distribution center can cut combined warehousing, packaging and freight costs by 30%....
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Compare 11 Leading ERP Solutions 119 Ways
The ERP Comparison Guide shortens the time needed to purchase ERP software for companies looking to get their quarter off to a successful start!...
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Enterprise Warehouse Management Comparison Guide
This tool provides a detailed side-by-side comparison of leading warehouse management software systems that cater...
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