Supply Chain Visibility Case Studies

Findchips Pro Enterprise Decreased Product Delays by 48 Percent

Challenge: A company's engineering and sourcing departments were siloed and lacking access to historical information and accurate market data (pricing, availability and risk). The engineering department partially designs based on performance, but the bills of materials (BOMs) sent to the sourcing department were not procurable. The company needed access to the right data to increase contract negotiating power and reduce product launch risks due to inventory and manufacturing issues.[more]

Technology Leader Saves $21M Annually in Parts, Labor Dispatching

Challenge: This Fortune 500 company was paying premium prices for replacement part transportation and labor — and suffered from late returns. Manual, siloed methods for managing dispatching made supply chain processes inefficient and error-prone.[more]

Food Manufacturer Cuts Freight Spend by 10 Percent Using Kuebix TMS

Challenge: A large food manufacturer was using an arduous manual process to manage its freight. The company knew something had to change to eliminate extensive paper chasing, faxing, repetitive work and wasted time. But with the high volume of inbound and outbound freight to manage, a time-consuming implementation of a TMS wasn't feasible.[more]

Online Drop-Ship Retailer Grows Business by Improving Supplier Relationships

Challenge: An online, drop-ship retailer was having a hard time managing supplier order fulfillment as ordering volumes increased. Traditional solutions only allowed process efficiencies for the retailer's larger suppliers, but didn't extend across the smaller suppliers who were just as important.[more]

How Supply Chain Visibility Can Yield Results

Challenge: A company looked to identify major cost components associated with a supplier's product pricing. Partnering with its integrated supply chain solutions provider on visibility initiatives, the company collaborated with the supplier and determined that products were shipping from forward storage warehouse locations. The company had no visibility to these underlying logistics costs nor were the warehouse locations optimal for its network. Items were also produced in multiple locations with many inter-plant transfers occurring in the supplier’s network.[more]

Refashion Fast-Moving Global Supply Chain

Challenge: This retail company's warehouse stock was rising as stores shifted risk further up the supply chain. The retailer needed to reduce inventory levels and production lead times to better respond to rapidly shifting consumer demand.[more]

For Supply Chain Security, Retailer Looks to Freight Payment

Challenge: As with all companies, fraud and information security were top of mind for this major national retailer. To protect its strategic and competitive advantages – and those of its partners – the retailer needed a payment solution that could also safeguard its supply chain.[more]

Equipment Provider Keeps Processes on Pace With Accelerating Growth

Challenge: As a quickly growing business, one of the world's largest infrastructure and irrigation equipment providers realized its existing approach to managing freight invoices wasn't keeping up. An entirely manual process – from tearing envelopes to rubber stamping G/L codes – the company was not only wasting valuable time and resources, but encountering costly errors.[more]

Overcoming Operational Silos in the End-to-End Supply Chain With Kinaxis

Challenge: The organization wanted to elevate its supply chain planning capabilities to support synchronization, end-to-end supply chain planning, visibility and decision-making.[more]

A Global Approach to Sales and Operations Planning

Challenge: With a complex mix of products, markets and seasonality, a global outdoor and recreation products company required a global S&OP process and technology platform to enhance the company's ability to sense and respond to changing market conditions.[more]

Advanced DSCP Solutions Optimize Beverage Company's Supply Chain

Challenge: A leading international beverage company that ships over 8 million bottles a year needed to gain control of a complex and lengthy production process to ensure the highest product quality.[more]

Real Time Freight Visibility That Saves Time & Money

Challenge: Holding contracts with over 5,000 carriers that handle a range of brokered and high-value loads, the company tracked loads by making time-consuming, inaccurate and ineffective driver check calls, then manually entered location and status updates for customers.[more]

Driving Process Efficiency & Transparency by Automating Quality Management

Challenge: A global solution provider for the glass container industry with production locations in Sweden, United States, China and Malaysia wanted to continually drive customer satisfaction and maintain a competitive advantage through established quality initiatives throughout the supply chain. However, the company realized that they were managing critical quality processes with separate regional systems, communicating issues via email, which has resulted in a network of disparate systems that lacked the global visibility needed.[more]

Leading Snack Manufacturer Achieves Integrated Business Planning With OMP Plus

Challenge: A leading international snack manufacturer was faced with varying business processes and multiple planning/scheduling systems resulting in slow customer response times, lost sales and high working capital.[more]

Diversified Services Provider Saves $15,000 Monthly with MacroPoint

Challenge: Our client, a family of distinct but related businesses involved in a variety of services such as recycling, material handling, and equipment sales, found that 95 percent of loads were never updated about a shipment location, and the other five percent would only be called when an issue arose, and in the majority of those instances it was after the fact.[more]

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